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The Underdogs by Sir Reg (Despotz Records)

The Underdogs by Sir Reg (Despotz Records)

The Underdogs by Sir Reg (Despotz Records)

Attention fans of Flogging Molly and The Real McKenzies! Sir Reg has arrived and they are ready to dropkick your ass into high orbit! For those who missed their stunning one-off live performance here in Southern California as part of the Get Shamrocked Festival, the next way to discover this truly raging band is through their just released album The Underdogs courtesy of Despotz Records.

Possessing a membership that spans both Sweden and Ireland, Sir Reg are certainly ready to make their claim to fame in the Celtic Rock world. The opening title track The Underdogs is destined to become a genre classic while selections since as Conor McGregor and Giving It Up (The Drink) will make you want to dive headfirst into the nearest slam pit. And stay tuned until the very end of The Underdogs for the wondrously impassioned Sinner Of The Century, demonstrating just how wildly effective Sir Reg delivers an impassioned folk ballad.

The Sir Reg brigade is on fire and through the roof, including the subversive talents of Brendan Sheehy on
vocals & acoustic guitar, Karin Ullvin on fiddle, Chris Inoue on electric guitar, Mattias Liss on drums, Filip Burgman on mandolin, and Mattias Söderlund on bass. Let’s hope Sir Reg make it back to the States to thoroughly enrapture us with their inspiring songs! Until then, be sure to check out The Underdogs and discover the next great chapter of Celtic Punk Rock and Roll!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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