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The Wright Stuff (from Highwire Daze magazine Issues 121 and 122)

The Wright Stuff (from Highwire Daze magazine Issues 121 and 122)

The Wright Wave established 10/2012

I (Jonathan Wright/JD The DJ) got certified in Broadcasting from Los Angeles Valley College. I have been the Associate Editor of Highwire Daze magazine since it was established in November 1990. Originally it was a print magazine but is now on the internet at I also had a public access music show called New Music Artist Video seen all over Los Angeles City for several years. I have DJ work for The Los Angeles Club of the Deaf and live DJ work for a private club and for a bar in The Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. I have played the piano since I was 3 1/2 and learned the acoustic guitar and a bit of electronic drums.The Wright Wave started back in the rankings in the 5000’s and took it, with my base listeners, all the way to the top 20 stations in less than 3 years. I appreciate all of you who have supported my radio station thus far and I hope you enjoy it while it keeps growing.

While learning Broadcasting Radio TV production, I met Bret Miller who writes Bret’s Ramblings for Highiwire Daze Magazine. Now Bret does his own radio show on Ken Morton started this radio station after seeing how my station was doing. From the success of Highwire Daze magazine, we are able to do interviews with bands. Some of them have given both of our radio stations ID promos in support of what we are doing for music on the internet. With Highwire Daze Magazine being in print again and online, it has made our radio music stations take off and heard all over the world.

One of Los Angeles based bands playing in the bigger local concert house scene is Diane And The Deductibles. They have made themselves known for being a great opening band. This band brings slight shades of blues, rock and pop and blends in harmonies and choruses that are catchy. They perform all of their own material. Recently they opened for legendary rock band from the 1960’s, The Guess Who, at The Canyon Room in Valencia, California in October to a good turnout. Plus here in the middle of October Diane And The Deductibles played a set of songs at The Rose in Pasadena, California and opened for Al Jardine of The Beach Boys. At this show they really played an outstanding live performance so well the audience loved it with great applause.

One of the best local bands in Los Angles in the local bar scene, is Divided Heaven which has recently put out their third full length. This band has also traveled and performed in Europe. Cold War is the band’s latest CD on Wiretap Records, which was just released in late July of this year. The lead vocalist is Jeff Berman, who is part of this three piece band. They have released an album that could easily be considered as a soundtrack to someone’s everyday life. It’s simple and fun. Kind of pop and sometime gets soft and at other places rocks out too with a tad of an alternative twist to it. This is definitely a band not to be missed and that could easily start performing as an opening act in the more medium bigger stages.

Octopus Publishing has recently put out some music industry biographies that are a must read for not just enjoyment but for true insight on these artist. One of the new books out is The Sex Pistols 1977: The Bollocks Diaries as told by The Sex Pistols themselves. With this year being the 40th Anniversary of releasing Never Mind The Bollocks Here Is The Sex Pistols, this makes for the official inside whirlwind story of a true punk band and what that experience entails. This will easily enlighten you.

I do try to be informed on the music scene and influenced from that I play on my radio station. Sometimes a band like The Honey Chain, States And Capitals I found from a local bar show. Sometimes I’m reading an actual book or rummaging info from the internet I’ll find a band too. Music is my life, my soul and sometimes my emotions too. So give me a little slack so I can enjoy artists like my favorites as well just like you. Thanks for reading and thanks for listening to or at thanks for reading Highwire Daze magazine at

The Wright Stuff Best of 2018

1. Since Fiction by Tom Bailey (Mikrokosmos Records)
2. Sydney Rococo by Steve Kilbey (Golden robot records)
3. Love And Loathing by With Confidence(hopeless Records)
4. I Like Fun In by They Might Be Giants (Idlewild Records)
5. The Last Few Beautiful Days by The Motels (sunset Blvd Records)
6. Chrome Neon Jesus by Teenage Wrist (Epitaph Records)
7. Here We Go Love by The Beat (Megaforce Records)
8. Living On Extraordinary Times by James (Infectious BMG Company)
9. Call The Comet by Johnny Marr (Sire Records)
10. Old Stone Gang by The Textones by Blue Elan Records)

1. P A I N by Tennis System (Graveface Records)
2. V2 by The Ready Set (Self-released)
3. Thirteen by William Ryan Key (Lone Tree Recordings)
4. Fly Ep by Dreamers (Fairfax Entertainment Group)
5. Alive by Eyes Eat Suns (Self-released)
6. Creations & Memories by States & Capitals
7. Virtue by William Ryan Key (Lone Tree Recordings)
8. Water by Sister Hazel (Croakin’ Poet Records)
9. Launch Ep By Dreamers (Fairfax Entertainment)
10. V1 Ep by The Ready Set (Self-released)

Looking forward to cool music in 2019!

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