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Break Out by Cold Sweat (20th Century Music)

Break Out by Cold Sweat (20th Century Music)

Break Out by Cold Sweat (20th Century Music)

20th Century Music has delivered another treasure trove of kick ass rock and roll from the past, this time in the form of Break Out by the scandalously underrated Cold Sweat. Originally released in 1990 through MCA Records, Cold Sweat would tour with KISS and Savatage, becoming an underground sensation. One listen to Break Out and you’ll see why it was absolutely crucial for 20th Century Music to unleash this album for a whole new generation of music fans to rock and rage with!

Kicking off the wicked refrains of Four On The Floor, Break Out is on fire, containing 13 killer cuts that remains as explosive today as when they were first recorded. Whether it’s the superbly dynamic entreaties like Lovestruck, and Let’s Make Love Tonight or the stunning power ballad Waiting In Vain, Cold Sweat infinitely possessed the knack for delivering a song that would remain in your head for ages! And what a fiery cover of I Just Want To Make Love To You by Willie Dixon, delivering Break Out an absolutely powerhouse grand finale.

Included within the Cold Sweat membership were vocalist Roy Cathey (The Fifth), dueling guitarists Marc Ferrari (Keel, Medicine Wheel) and Erik Gamans (Waysted), bassist Chris McLernon (Saigon Kick) and drummer Anthony White. Break Out by Cold Sweat is a thrilling rediscovery to be sure – and with many of these bands launching successful comebacks, here’s hoping Marc Ferrari and company deliver us all even more Cold Sweat in the very near future. Even if you own the original MCA version, the remastering alone renders this reissue an absolute standout!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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