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De-Arrow by De-Arrow (20th Century Music)

De-Arrow by De-Arrow (20th Century Music)

20th Century Music has been rediscovering some truly great bands, the latest being the Australian AOR heroes known as De-Arrow. The label recently issued a Self-Titled album from the vastly underrated band, compiled from a collection of high quality demos put together by keyboardist Noel Hart and guitarist Dragan Stanic. The band was managed by the notorious Kim Fowley (the Runaways), and existed with various lineups from 1983 to 1989. These 14 tracks found within present an entity who could have easily exploded all over the radio airwaves, and the release of these gems should definitely intrigue the many AOR fanatics throughout the world.

Rock N’ Roll Nights is the glorious opening track, instantly recalling just how sweeping and timeless this period of music has become. Other cuts that render this exhilarating collection a must have for AOR aficionados include We’ve Got Wings, First Break Of The Heart, and Love At Midnight. Upon the band’s demise, De-Arrow guitarist Dragan Stanic and one time front man Juno Roxas would go on to form Roxus, including two songs (Rock N’ Roll Nights and First Break Of The Heart) from this very compilation on their Nightstreets debut.

Today the AOR market is making a comeback, and bands such as De-Arrow are destined to aim straight for the heart of music fans once again!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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