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Suddenly Heavenly by Fire Tiger (Fire Tiger Music)

Suddenly Heavenly by Fire Tiger (Fire Tiger Music)

Suddenly Heavenly by Fire Tiger (Fire Tiger Music)

Fire Tiger is a pop/classic rock collective from Los Angeles who are more than ready to slam into the big leagues, especially if their current Suddenly Heavenly is indicative of what’s ahead.  Jam packed with songs that should be all over the worldwide radio airwaves, Suddenly Heavenly is destined to have a wide appeal to all kind of music aficionados. Singer / songwriter Tiffany Alkouri delivers the rock and roll goodness tenfold, like an AOR heroine coming to ultra-vivid life and performing with a grand amount of passion and conviction.

Launching the Suddenly Heavenly experience with the rapturous refrains of Love The Way, Suddenly Heavenly instantly captures the attention with shimmering choruses that dazzle the senses. Ice Age sounds like a massive 70’s dance hit that would warm the heart of even the most jaded of music critic.  And the glorious pop rocking reveries keep on arriving, including highlights such as Faces, Guarantee, Easy Road and You Changed Me. Once you slip Suddenly Heavenly into the CD player, expect to keep this gem on repeat for ages!

In addition to the wondrous talents of Tiffany Alkouri, the Fire Tiger lineup consists of co-writer / keyboardist James Ramsey, guitarist Jordan Lucas, bassist Tyler Renga, and drummer Tyler Moore. Very special guest appearances found on this album include Riker Lynch on bass and Trev Lukather on guitar.

And while comparisons to the great female fronted AOR/classic rock bands (Heart, Scandal, ‘Til Tuesday) may abound, Ms. Alkori and company present their own impressive take on a timeless genre, and the resulting Suddenly Heavenly is a stunning work of artistry that is not to be missed.

(Review by by Ken Morton)

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Note: In the current issue of Highwire Daze magazine, the album is referred to as “Suddenly Heaven.”  Apologies to the band for getting the title very wrong in print.  A very awesome album by any title. and well worth seeking out!

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