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Highwire Daze magazine is going full on glossy and needs your help!

Last week, I received an email from our printer saying that they were ceasing operations immediately, placing us and all of their clients in limbo. Highwire Daze just went back into print, and now there was a major risk of it all ending before we could really make impact. Not one to give up ever, I contacted a new print company in the San Fernando Valley, who made us an interesting offer.

Starting from the very next issue, Highwire Daze magazine will be entirely glossy, with several added color pages. The price is a lot more than anticipated. The ads I’ve sold already at the regular prices for newsprint do not to cover what is now going to be on a glossy page. As you all know, Jack Lue and I – as a matter of fact the entire team here at Highwire Daze magazine – have a passion for music and greatly support our local Los Angeles music scene. And we need you help!

If we could make it through this transition to glossy with this new print company, we can do anything. I need to sell more ads or secure some donations to pass through this transition phase. If you have already committed to an ad in this issue, your rate will not be changed and your ad is going to look phenomenal on a glossy page as opposed to newsprint.

An all glossy issue has been an unreachable dream until now. We are very close – too close – and need to cross this threshold on the very next crucial issue of Highwire Daze magazine. Please show your support and buy an ad or make a donation via PayPal. If you would like to make a donation, the PayPal donation button is at the top of the Highwire Daze Online page at

I am not looking to make money on this issue and will stop accepting ads and donations once we cross the breakeven point. Highwire Daze has been supporting the music scene for 28 years and counting and has covered many of your bands and shows throughout the years. We are the only free music magazine in Los Angeles and Orange County. Let’s keep it alive!

Thank you for your amazing support! Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments – as well as for ad rate information.

Ken Morton

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