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Sunset Strip Veterans Lypswitch Return with 30 Years

Sunset Strip Veterans Lypswitch Return with 30 Years. 6 Songs from the 80’s • 5 Rerecording’s from the 80’s • 3 New songs recorded in 2018.

In 1988 Lypswitch moved from Orlando, FL. to Hollywood, CA. to follow the Rock ’n Roll Dream. In three years the band played over 100 shows and was almost signed. After 30 years the band has regrouped and has finally released this CD.

Featuring 14 Songs, including 3 new Lypswitch Songs:

World of Sin
American Song
Somewhere Someplace (Featuring Joe Leste of Bang Tango)
Rock N Roll ain’t Pretty
Watch Me Live
Domination (New)
Thirst (New)
Carry Me Away (New)
Rattlesnake Skin
Sexx on the Sun
Razorblade Slide
Kiss in the Dark
Dave’s Song

Already their upbeat, wild rock sound has spread through the airwaves of Southern California via KNAC 105.5, which has been playing Lypswitch’s demo tune “Rattlesnake Skin”. Wait any longer and you’ll need binoculars to see them from your Coliseum luxury box. – LA Weekly March 1990

With such killer songs as “Rattlesnake Skin”, and “Kiss in the Dark” these prophets of what they call “Underground Punk Funk Street Rock” are headed to the top. – BAM Magazine August 10, 1990

They have just enough sex and looks to play the strip, just enough grit, reality, and black leather to play the darker scene. – Concrete Jungle – 1989

The band has the material, image and looks… – Rock City News 1989

Hard-driving riffs and an anthemic chorus reminiscent of bands such as GNR and Poison. – BraveWords – Canada – April 2015

Featured on the Hollywood Rocks and Rock ‘n Roll Rebels Box Sets

Lypswitch 30 Years is available at:

Lypswitch is:
Danny Whaley – Vocals
Mick O’Brien – Guitars
David Love – Bass
K.A. – Drums

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