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The 80’s Are Back with Bow Wow Wow, The Untouchables, When In Rome II and Diane & The Deductibles at The Canyon Club Santa Clarita

The 80’s Are Back with Bow Wow Wow, The Untouchables, When In Rome II and Diane & The Deductibles at The Canyon Club Santa Clarita

The 80’s Are Back with When In Rome II, Bow Wow Wow, The Untouchables, and Diane & The Deductibles at The Canyon Club Santa Clarita

The 80’s will be back in a vast and epic way at The Canyon Club in Santa Clarita on March 2nd, featuring sets from iconic bands such as When In Rome IIBow Wow Wow and The Untouchables.  Opening the show will be a very special appearance by Diane & The Deductibles, featuring members of Queensryche and Air Supply!  Those memories of the 80’s will be revived with classics songs such as I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow, Free Yourself by The Untouchables, and The Promise by When In RomeDiane & The Deductibles will kick off the night with their own vibrant brand of rock that moves the soul and sets the imagination in flight.

To preview this not-to-be missed event, Highwire Daze caught up with Michael Floreale and Johnny Ceravolo of When In Rome II to find out what to expect from the show as well as their just recently unveiled Self-Titled album – their first recording of new music since When In Rome’s landmark debut in 1988.

Also interviewed in this article is Cliff Rehrig, bassist extraordinaire for Diane & The Deductibles – who discusses what 80’s music has meant to him, time spent within the ranks of the legendary Air Supply, and a whole lot more!  Read on and then check out the link at the end of the article to purchase discounted tickets to this exciting event…

Michael Floreale and Johnny Ceravolo of When In Rome II

What are you looking forward to most about your upcoming show at The Canyon Club in Santa Clarita?
JC/MF: It’ll be our first time playing there. It’s always exciting to perform at a new venue.

What could one expect from your live show?
JC/MF: We always play from the heart and try to give our all. We connect emotionally to our music and try to give honest, heartfelt performances.

How did the When In Rome II project come about?
JC: Michael and I met through Music Connection. He was looking for a singer, I was looking for a band. When we met it was immediately apparent that we had chemistry. It took a few years to find Chris, but that was the final missing piece. Once the three of us got in a room and started playing, it was very clear we had something special.

Select two songs from the recently released When In Rome II album and what inspired the lyrics.
JC: Come On was inspired by a fan I met in Dallas. She had been displaced from her home and job by Hurricane Katrina. She conveyed to me how she had listened to our music while going through the catastrophe and extended aftermath. She told me it had meant the world to her to hear the songs that had carried her through a difficult time performed live. I went back to Michael with this story and we both agreed that we should try to focus on making music that inspired hope and optimism. We decided we wanted to deliberately make music that would help people. Come On was the first song we wrote after that. It’s about realizing that we all face similar struggles and that we need each other.

Let It Go is about battling depression, and finding a way out of it. I have personally battled with severe seasons of depression and wrote the song to myself in an attempt to talk myself into a better place.

What do you think has made The Promise such a memorable song for fans all over the world and do you still enjoy playing it after all of this time?
JC: For me it was a song I danced to in my early years as a teenager and young adult. It was always an exciting and jubilant song to sing and dance to.

MF: I never imagined it would be so popular and it is always a pleasure to see how well it is received when we play it live

When you look back on the first When In Rome album, what do you think of it now?
MF: When it is your first album, you are learning as you go. There were some good songs on the album and it was a wonderful experience working with great musicians. I learned a lot from the whole process.

Any messages for When In Rome II fans reading this now?
JC/MF: Please know that we are always grateful for your love and support and that we are very much looking forward to seeing you and sharing our music with you.

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