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Maine melodic hardcore quintet Anxious Hands stream debut EP, ‘Dissociate’

Maine melodic hardcore quintet Anxious Hands stream debut EP, ‘Dissociate’

(FFO: Counterparts, August Burns Red)

(Auburn, ME – March 28th, 2019) Maine post-hardcore 5-piece Anxious Hands are streaming their debut EP. Listen to ‘Dissociate‘ in full via YouTube now!

The band spoke exclusively to No Echo, to discuss the new record.

Track listing
1. Envy
2. Red Flags
3. Drifter
4. Dissociate
5. Farewell

Despite only a year in existence, Maine post-hardcore quintet Anxious Hands have created an accomplished and resonating brand of rock. Coming together as a writing collaboration between members of former New England bands, the five were already deeply rooted in the music scene and have further ignited their passion for their craft with the new project.

Debut single “Home” set the tone for the band’s intentions moving forward – melodic and alluring guitar arrangements underpinning an honest and relatable vocal delivery, drawing on influences such as Counterparts, ERRA and August Burns Red.

Anxious Hands unapologetically and transparently tackle tough issues; love, life and loss all playing a big part on ‘Dissociate‘, an EP which shows bagfuls of promise as Anxious Hands looks to solidify their standing in the New England heavy music scene.

Anxious Hands‘ debut EP ‘Dissociate‘ is out March 29th & streaming right now, in full via YouTube.\

Anxious Hands is:
Tyler Bilodeau – Drums
Zach DeFosse – Guitar
Dylan Hitz – Guitar/Vocals
Teagan Stritch – Bass
Trevor Laliberte – Vocals


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