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Come Out Fighting: Hardcore Punk from Detroit Rock City

Come Out Fighting: Hardcore Punk from Detroit Rock City

Come Out Fighting: Hardcore Punk from Detroit Rock City

Come Out Fighting is hardcore punk from Detroit Rock City, ready to break out in nothing short of an epic way. Influenced by seminal groups such as 7 Seconds, AFI, Bad Religion, Rise Against and Sick of it All, Come Out Fighting is on the verge of unleashing a brand new album of raging tunes entitled Any Port in a Storm.  After delivering a two song preview of the album featuring Blackout and Soundtrack To A Shipwreck, Come Out Fighting is ready to set sail with the full length in June!  In the meantime, we caught up with the hardcore punk pirates of Come Out Fighting to find out a whole lot more about this wickedly adventurous brigade!  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Come Out Fighting, and how long the band has been together.
Casey: Hello, my name is Casey and I’m an alcoholic… I mean, the drummer.. And I joined in 2014-ish… not sure how long COF has been a band but, from what I can gather it’s been about 10 years, and 3 years as the current lineup being, Nick (lead vocals), José (lead guitar/vocals), Brian (rhythm guitar/vocals), Dan (bass/vocals) and myself.

Dan: Newest to the group, I was recruited (poached) from my other band about 3 years ago. Took over on bass so Jose could slide off over to guitar.

Brian: I play guitar and have been in the band pretty much since the beginning. I seen an ad on MYSPACE for a band seeking a guitar player now here I am a decade later.

Jose: I think these guys said it all?

Where is the band based out of and what is the local music scene like there?
Brian: We are based out of the Motor City, A.K.A Hockey Town, A.K.A Detroit.

Jose: It’s a place with a ton of bands and a ton of venues – on any given night there’s at least two or three good shows to go to – but at the same time, it’s not a competition, it’s community. So terrible bands and assholes get chased out pretty quickly and all we’re left with is a long list of really awesome bands who are all cool with each other.

What inspired you to call your recently released two song EP Any Port In A Storm? Any story behind the title?
Nick: “Any Port in a Storm” is about being out on tour and coming into a new city and a new venue and playing any show any time any where. Basically the musicians are like sailors metaphor.

Is there any overall story behind the lyrics to the song Blackout?
Nick: Back in the day I used to go to punk shows and get black out and wake up in strange places and had to figure out what happened the night before.

What is the story behind the song Soundtrack To A Shipwreck?
Nick: It’s about striking out and taking chances and having to leave the people you love behind to follow your dreams. You miss them, but you have to take the chances.

Who did the cover art from Any Port In A Storm and how much input did you have on it?
Jose: That would be Nick’s wife, Kelly, and me. The original art that she made was the band van being attacked by the squid in a neo-traditional style. We ended up using that design for merch. I kept the squid from that art, replaced the van with the ship, redrew everything in scrimshaw inspired pen and ink, and digitally colored. I sent the art over every step of the process to get input from the guys, so all of the input?

How close is Come Out Fighting to releasing an all-new full length album?
Jose: So, the two track EP is less of an EP in my mind than a teaser for the new album. “Soundtrack” and “Blackout” are tracks 5 and 6 of a completed 13 track full length “Any Port in a Storm,” recorded with Matt Dalton of Rock Hill Sound. We are expecting to have physical CDs ready for our June tour down south.

What could one expect from a live Come Out Fighting show?
Dan: An intense show no matter the night. We like to try to get everything out of ourselves and out of anyone watching us play. Cracking bad jokes between songs, slamming beers, the occasional practical joke.

Brian: When you come see us live you can expect high energy and intensity. We give the same amount every night we play. Whether its 10 people or 1000 we have always given everything we got and nothing less.

If Come Out Fighting could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Jose: One of my biggest influences, Rise Against. If Tim McIlrath is reading, give me a call!

Brian: Without a doubt it’s Sick of it All for me. This band has been a big influence on me and would I love the chance to share the stage with them.

Nick: Early years AFI. Davey’s voice and their intensity shaped a lot of my writing and vocals.

Casey: I would have to say a good line up would be Pennywise, Strung Out, Propagandhi, NOFX, with some local friends of ours to open probably Saint Thomas Boys Academy, and Come Out Fighting. Now that would be a killer show!!

Dan: I’d love to open for Defeater, Hatebreed, or Clutch.

If the music of Come Out Fighting was a donut, what kind would you be and why?
Brian: We would be a jelly filled donut. You’re never sure of what’s inside but once you get a bite it’s like BAM! “Wow I wasn’t expecting that but this sure is good!

Nick: Boston creme… cuz Baston!!!

Casey: I would say an apple fritter, because we’re not the most attractive donut. But once you are brave enough to take a lil nibble, we’re not bad as you thought we were gonna be.

Dan: I’m fat and know my donuts, we’d be a vanilla dipped with sprinkles. Effing sweet, but with the right amount of childishness.

What’s up next for Come Out Fighting?
Brian: Tour, write, play more shows, write, and repeat.

Nick: Working on split EPs, the tours, Germany.

Any final words of wisdom?
Nick: Stay rad.

Brian: Keep that P.M.A

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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