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Berserker by Amon Amarth (Metal Blade Records)

Berserker by Amon Amarth (Metal Blade Records)

Amon Amarth is now in the midst of a North American Tour with the likes of Slayer, Lamb Of God and Cannibal Corpse as they continue to pummel the planet with their own trademark brand of Viking Metal. Berserker marks the 11th studio recording for this Swedish collective, and it shows Amon Amarth in their finest hour. The twelves tracks contained within are epic in scope, transporting the listener into an auditory odyssey of intense imagination and thrilling intrigue. Opening the adventure with the rapturous Fafner’s Gold, Berserker goes into hypersonic battle overdrive and the results are thunderously profound.

Crack The Sky continues on the stratospheric adventure, a standout track that will make listeners want to raise their fists high and mighty in the air as they celebrate the glorious triumphs of the past, present, and future. Next up we encounter Mjölner, Hammer of Thor – and expect the circle pits to ignite into sheer ferocity when this sonic treasure is unveiled live. There are so many metal gems to be found at the helm of the almighty Berserker, including Shield Wall, Valkyria, and Raven’s Flight.

The almighty Amon Amarth lineup delivers the Berserker manifesto tenfold, featuring astounding performances from Johan Hegg on vocals, Johan Söderberg on guitar, Olavi Mikkonen on guitar, Ted Lundström on bass, and Jocke Wallgren on drums. The musicianship is inspired and superbly intensive, right on target with the many other metal legends the mighty Amon Amarth are now traversing the highways of North America with.

Berserker was recorded in Los Angeles with renowned studio guru Jay Ruston (Anthrax/Stone Sour), whose tight and savage production work reigns supreme. As the epic concludes with the devastating sonnets of Wings Of Eagles and Into The Dark, one realizes that Amon Amarth has clearly presented a true classic that extreme music fans will cherish for these magnificent metal ages ahead.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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