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The Stolen by The Stolen (Revival Recordings)

The Stolen by The Stolen (Revival Recordings)
The Stolen by The Stolen (Revival Recordings)

Meet The Stolen from New Jersey, whose brand new Self-Titled album from Revival Recordings has just landed at Number 45 on the Billboard Alt New Artists Chart.  Jammed packed with 11 exhilarating selections, The Stolen is a remarkable indie pop rocking outfit whose inaugural full length is destined to wind up a more than a few Top Ten Lists when 2019 spins to its sparkling conclusion. 

The Stolen slam their debut recording into high gear with the instrumental commencement of Jersey, immediately followed by the gorgeously spiraling sounds of Overboard.  Pure indie pop rock perfection continues with the superbly infectious Change The Record, leaving a lingering impression on the senses.  Millennial is the anthem of the ages you’ll want to revisit time and again, featuring the participation of touring mate Patternist.   Then up next is the vibrantly wistful Rooftop, with a guest appearance by the one and only Jake Miller, who The Stolen has also hit the highways of America with. 

The Stolen

Stuck is passionate and reflective, its melodic reveries seething with the need for a change in life filled of stagnation.  Before You Were Gone shows The Stolen at their most sweeping and hypnotic.  The short but sweet Autophobia merges into the contemplative refrains found within Only In The NightThis Is Good For You, Yeah? is soothing and atmospheric, a nearly five minute long track that envelopes the listener like a warm blanket on an otherwise chilly night.  And then closing out the album is the explosive If I Left Tomorrow (Will I Stay Here When I Die?), breaking out in an epic way and leaving the listener craving a whole more!

What a stunning collection of talent The Stolen possesses, featuring inspiring performances from Dom Cuce on lead vocals and guitar, Rob Chiarappa on guitar, Kevin Smart on bass (who also plays drums for Jake Miller), and Mike Chiarappa on drums.  The Stolen has been touring all across the country as of late, and with the unveiling of their Self-Titled album, expect these guys to capture the hearts and minds of music enthusiast seeking their latest sonic addiction.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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