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BAM by The Swansons (Golden Goose Entertainment)

BAM by The Swansons (Golden Goose  Entertainment)

The Swansons have been making quite a name for themselves all across the nation, presenting their own delightful brand of alternative country. Joe and Angie Finley are the husband and wife team who bring this inspiring music to life, and their pure love for performing is absolutely endearing. Their previous award winning album, Country This, was one of the most captivating and refreshing releases of the previous year. And now with the very amazing BAM on the horizon, The Swansons present the next great chapter of a vibrantly brilliant career. BAM is inspirational, super infectious, and certain to garner The Swansons a whole lot more acclaim and admiration.

BAM is jammed packed with exhilarating songs, including the high flying country rock reverberations of its dazzling title track, where we’re all “getting high on life and living low on gas” yet still ready to take on this great big world. This wonderful song should be all over the rock and country stations and present The Swansons at the height of their musical genius.

Once you get past the sheer magnificence of BAM, there are so many wonderful songs to be found on the album, filled with insight and inspiration. Thank God makes you proud to be alive and free within the greatest country in the world. Lucky Man shows just how passionate and profound The Swansons are when it comes to a moving ballad while Helping Hands grabs you with its gleefully hillbilly inflections.

When BAM is released, there will be 13 tracks in all, and what a stunner of an album The Swansons have in store for all types of music fans. Skillfully produced by Bill Watson at Nashville Trax Studio, BAM by The Swansons is destined to be on quite a few Top Ten Lists when this crazy years spins to its frenetic conclusion.

In a world gone completely off the hook, it’s great to have the motivating, feel good music of The Swansons to enjoy and treasure. Be sure to check into BAM, as well as the just reissued Country This, which features a brand new bonus track entitled Find Your Things.

And this just in from Swansonville: “BAM is going to be released as a single first on Friday 8/23. We’re also releasing the music video & performing at the Whisky a Go Go that night.”

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