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Love Too Much by JC Gafford and Friends (Self-released)

Love Too Much by JC Gafford  and Friends (Self-released)

Love Too Much by JC Gafford and Friends (Self-released)

JC Gafford is singing the blues, and has presented an impressive album of dynamic songs that you’ll want to experience time and again. With his resonant voice weaving through the lyrics with a sparkling sense of mischief and irony, Gafford delivers the tunes with a grand amount of style and precision. Kicking off with the superbly infectious title track, Love Too Much precedes to win the listener over with its timeless melodies.

In addition to Gafford’s wicked and wonderful vocals, there are many inspired performances to be found within the sonic grooves of Love Too Much. This would include some of the final work of renowned guitarist Tutty Gadson, who throughout a brilliant career worked with the likes of Little Richard, Ike & Tina Turner, and The Jackson Five.

So many glorious highlights to be found within Love Too Much, including Victim Of Life, Between Paycheck Blues, and Barhopper. Gafford’s sublime personality brings all these songs to ultra-vivid life. Music trends may come and go, but the blues will always be an American way of life – and JC Gafford certainly does this world class genre proud! Check into Love Too Much and prepare to be thoroughly captivated by the wonderful JC Gafford and Friends!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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