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Tim “Ripper” Owens Teams Up with Held Hostage to Bring New Single “Lightning!!!”

Tim “Ripper” Owens Teams Up with Held Hostage to Bring New Single “Lightning!!!”


This winter, legendary METAL singer Tim “Ripper” Owens will team up for the first time in his career with HARD ROCK band HELD HOSTAGE.  Delivering a 12-track vocal tour-de-force performance throughout an album that kicks off with “Lightning,” the band’s first single that hits rock radio in early November, 2019 through METAL MANIA RECORDS/MVD (Music Video Distributors). has declared Held Hostage “one of the premier rock bands of the 80’s and 90’s in the North Eastern United States, and a staple in Central New York’s music scene,” anchored by founding member Tom Collier on lead guitar/vocals, rounded out by rockers Scott Gregg on rhythm guitar/backup vocals, Ian Evans drums, Joseph Reppert bass guitar/backup vocals, former Judas Priest and current Dio Disciples lead singer Tim “Ripper” Owens.

Commenting on his decision to team up for the first time with a hard rock band, Ripper announced that “I was honored to do guest vocals on  some friends CD the band Held Hostage. I had an absolute blast recording it. It was straight ahead Rock n Roll something I have never done before. Not only was it fun to do, they help Veterans through the sales of their music and concerts. Everyone knows I am a big supporter of Veterans, police and first responders.

Echoing Owens’ excitement, band founder Tom Collier added that “when Ripper agreed to come on board and sing the whole album, the enthusiasm was through the roof.. Getting an opportunity to play with such an Iconic singer and have him sing your songs was truly an amazing feeling. His vocals took the songs to a different level. When he did his vocals tracks on Lightning and all the songs, the first time I heard them, I was blown away.  Get ready for one helluva ride, Held Hostage is Coming!”

Held Hostage recently made it to the final selection round for a Grammy Nomination after teaming with another metal vocal legend, Rainbow/Deep Purple singer Joe Lynn Turner, to record the Veterans charity single “Show Me the Way Back Home,” donating 50% of net sales to the Vietnam Veterans of America and Victory for Vets among other charities.  Check out the band’s new single, “Lightning” here as well as a behind-the-scenes studio making-of the album here or visit the band’s official website for more details about EPIC’s upcoming release, tour dates, or social media info.  

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