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SUZY EP by SUZY (Self-released)

SUZY EP by SUZY (Self-released)

SUZY EP by SUZY (Self-released)

62 Years Old And Metal As Fuck!” blazes the announcement about the one and only SUZY and her soon to be released Self-Titled EP.  A five song testament to hard raging rock and the sounds of perseverance, SUZY is ready to captivate the masses with her melodic metal anthems for the ages.  The singer has performed with the likes of Rob Halford and Paul Stanley, and with the arrival of this magnificent debut, SUZY is ready to rock your world on her own glorious terms.  With her songwriting partner Norman Matthew of Murder FM infamy, the unveiling of SUZY is sure inspire and enrapture all who give a good, rock solid listen.

Opening with the raging refrains of Tomorrow, the wild and restless kickoff track instantly hooks the listener with superbly impassioned vocals and an auditory soundscape in overdrive.  Time To Go is a tale of freedom and liberation, where searing guitars and exhilarating lyrical content slam this one into the stratosphere.  Road To Nowhere is a stunning acoustic selection, about your mind wandering the endless highways of this strange and unpredictable journey we call life.  “I’m not sure where I’m going or where I’ve been, ” SUZY muses, then adds with optimism “But I know that I’ll get there someday” and at the denouement expressing “But no matter what, I’ll be okay.

The rock is then back in supersonic action as SUZY and company explode into the dazzling reverberations of Life Is A Song.  And then closing out the SUZY EP on a grand and triumphant note is the previously released LIES, a tune that will make you want to passionately sing along as you break away with the toxic relationships of the past and traverse into the throes of a brand new tomorrow.

SUZY is a thrilling, expressive vocalist, bringing you into the pulsating metal heart of the matter.  And what a supreme collection of musicians SUZY has with her as she pursues her hard rock visions.  The aforementioned Norman Matthew shines on guitar and bass, the perfect partner in crime for SUZY’s heavy metal entreaties.  The omnipresent Matt Starr, who has worked with everyone from Ace Frehley, Joe Lynn Turner, and Mr. Big, lends his massive percussive artistry to the proceedings.  On the Road To Nowhere acoustic piece, SUZY collaborates with the legendary Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh, Ted Nugent) on bass, drums and keyboards. 

An exciting introduction to be sure, SUZY’s Self-Titled EP is destined to garner its creator a good deal of respect and admiration.  It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for the dynamic SUZY and her outstanding metal reveries.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Glen Willis)

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