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Vovkulaka by Vovkulaka (Soundcloud EP)

Vovkulaka by Vovkulaka (Soundcloud EP)

Vovkulaka by Vovkulaka (Soundcloud EP)

Fans of modern metal acts such as Korn, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson may want to make their way towards the depths of the Ukraine and discover the bewitching sounds of Vovkulaka. The Ukraine has been in the news as of late due to political turmoil and presidential conspiracy, but Vovkulaka is an imaginative collective ready to place their country on the map for another reason – especially when it comes to supremely dark heavy metal entreaties.

Fronted by the masked madman known as VolK and featuring the wickedly enchanted participation of Naya G and JuleZ on dance, percussion and duel drums, Vovkulaka has recently premiered four songs on their Soundcloud account, and these selections are destined to gather this intriguing troupe a grand amount of worldwide attention and admiration.

Interesting enough, their debut single Glory To The Heroes featured acclaimed guitarist Keith Lynch of Bill Ward and Diane & The Deductibles infamy. The four new songs found within the Soundcloud universe further the Vovkulaka world of intensive hellfire, where genres such as nu-metal and dubstep collide with absolutely ferocious results.

Darkness Calling is the persuasive commencement, instantly hooking the listening into the auditory carnival of supreme chaos with VolK as the possessed ringmaster. My Devil is staggering and pulsating, passions seething throughout an art that knows no boundaries. Stepping through the Purple Door brings you to Vovkulaka at their most ominous as VolK screams “I see the truth in my lies” with fervor and conviction. And then closing out the sinister Soundcloud affair is I Defy (Radio Edit), and what an iniquitous world this would be if airwaves across the planet played this scorching sonnet of pure malevolence.

Pay attention music fans all over this grim and dying planet, as Vovkulaka has arrived and their auditory manifesto is an adventure not to be missed. It will be exciting to see what VolK and company has in store for the metal masses in the New Year and beyond.

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