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Audio Therapy by Evolution Eden (Ravager Records)

Audio Therapy by Evolution Eden (Ravager Records)

Audio Therapy by Evolution Eden (Ravager Records)

Evolution Eden has presented their remedy of rock in the form of Audio Therapy, their latest and greatest collection of tunes now available from Ravager Records. Based out of San Francisco but a frequent player here in the Los Angeles music scene, Evolution Eden present a mighty concoction of classic rock, power pop and even a dose of heavy metal – and the sonic prescription found within Audio Therapy is sure to inspire all who discover this gem of a record.

Wanna break the chains and follow me? Are you willing to ride the animal inside?” is the invite presented to the listener during the ripping kickoff song The Animal Inside – one listen to this commencement and you’ll be massively addicted to the infectious sounds of Evolution Eden.  And the killer songs keep on driving at the listener, with tracks such as Kiss Like Summertime, Beautiful Disaster, and This Is Your Life clearly presenting a band at the very height of their creative prowess.

Evolution Eden features not one but two charismatic front men – lead guitarist/vocalist Brandon Owen and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Mike “Pap” Pappas – both who know just how to present a vibrantly memorable rock and roll performance. The fiery rhythm section is brought to you courtesy of bass guitarist/backing vocals Mike McShane and drummer/backing vocalist Brian Powell. Together, these fine musicians will seriously rock your world and leave you wanting to revisit their exhilarating music time and again. Be sure to check into Audio Therapy by Evolution Eden and prepare to supremely rock it out with these truly timeless songs!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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