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Imperfect EP by Sydney Ellen (Self-released)

Imperfect EP by Sydney Ellen (Self-released)

Imperfect EP by Sydney Ellen (Self-released)

Sydney Ellen is a lead guitarist from Southern California whose inspiring musicianship has captivated audiences around the nation. With Jennifer Batten of Michael Jackson fame as a teacher/mentor and as well as being a graduate from the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, Ms. Ellen not only has the best in music education, but the massive talent and charisma to back it all up. And now with the unveiling of her debut 5 song Imperfect EP, Sydney Ellen’s dynamic guitar work is captured for the entire world to experience.

The Imperfect EP kicks off with the electrifying Strength In Me, at once displaying Sydney Ellen’s superb guitar work plus featuring impassioned vocals for bandmate Moxy Anne from Moxy and the Influence. The rock and ragers continue with the driving inflections of Look How Far You’ve Gone, with special guest vocalist MOA matching Sydney’s brilliant axe work intensity. Making a complete turn into ballad territory, Sydney and Moxy Anne collaborate on the gorgeously poignant Gypsy Soul.

Singer KP Wolfe joins Sydney Ellen for the emotional refrains of Know Your Worth, and what an empowering selection this one is! And then closing out the EP on a rip-roaring grand slam is the title track Imperfect, with Sydney’s guitar work at her most fiery meshing with the explosive vocals of Adi Argelazi from White Witch.

Be sure to check into Imperfect by Sydney Ellen for five absolutely solid tracks where both the imaginative guitar work and topnotch songwriting display such an amazing artisty. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Sydney Ellen.  Stay tuned for the next chapter in what is sure to be an absolutely stunning career in music…

(Review by Ken Morton)

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