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End To The Night by KOFN Underground (Self-released single)

End To The Night by KOFN Underground (Self-released single)

End To The Night by KOFN Underground (Self-released single)

Willow Wisp was one of the most notorious local bands within the Los Angeles music scene in the early 90’s. Imaginative and intriguing, “Defy The Mundane” was their call to arms, and it brought the band a good deal of attention worldwide. Fast forward to the tumultuous year of 2020, and we find two of the Willow Wisp brigade unveiling a new single under the realm of KOFN Underground. Founded by Glenn lee alan Davis (aka GLAD in Willow Wisp), KOFN Underground has just released their latest endeavor upon the world at at large. End To The Night is an epic selection in the grand tradition of Bauhaus and The Cure, featuring a special guest vocal appearance by Air-Ik, the former Willow Wisp front man.

End To The Night is six minutes of haunting sonic bliss, featuring the ominous instrumental reprieves of Davis and the thoroughly rapturous vocals of Air-Ik. The mood is infinitely somber yet endearingly unique; a collaborative effort between two former bandmates soaring into the stratosphere. Davis definitely shines within the depths of End To The Night, defying genres and presenting thrilling soundscapes that will tantalize the senses.  Just take a listen to the goth hip hop inflections of KOFN Underground’s previous single Best Part Of Death (featuring Ripmoodyboy) and you’ll see we are just beginning to encounter an artist fearlessly challenging music styles and conventions.

Judging by these two imaginative singles, it will be exciting to see what sonic adventures Davis and KOFN Underground take the listener on in these future pandemic days and beyond. In the meantime, prepare to be swept away into the world of KOFN Underground and the persuasive reveries of End To The Night as two former bandmates conspire to make your evening into a thoroughly memorable affair.

By the way, watch for a review of Air-Ik’s upcoming single Warmonger, coming soon to Highwire Daze Online!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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