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Invicta by Skarlett Riot (Despotz Records)

Invicta by Skarlett Riot (Despotz Records)

Invicta by Skarlett Riot (Despotz Records)

Skarlett Riot is a UK-based hard rock collective whose music is sure to ignite the great big world of hard rock and metal, especially if their third album Invicta is indicative of greater glories ahead. Jam-packed with inspirational anthems that go straight for the heart, Invicta by Skarlett Riot is destined to be a breakthrough for this epically underrated band. Fans of In This Moment and Halestorm should check into Skarlett Riot and prepare to be thoroughly enraptured by their next favorite band.

From the opening refrains of Breaking The Habit, one notices right away the fire and conviction each and every member of Skarlett Riot possesses. Tracks such as Gravity, Black Clouds and Under Water continue to cement the deal, showing that Skarlett Riot are here to leave a definitive impact on all who give a listen. Combining persuasive clean singing with kickass growls, the explosive vocals found within reign supreme. All the way to the slamming inflections of the tremendously emotional grand finale Human, Skarlett Riot leave the listener inspired and ready to take on the world.

The dazzling Skarlett Riot lineup features the charismatic Skarlett on lead vocals and guitar, Danny on guitar and backing vocals, Tim on bass and backing vocals, and Luke on drums. Skarlett Riot recently announced a headlining tour in the UK throughout the month of November. Here’s hoping we see this amazing band invade the States in the near future, because we all desperately need the rockin’ remedy that is Skarlett Riot. In the meantime, give Invicta a listen and let Skarlett Riot become your new auditory habit you’ll never want to break.

(Review by Ken Morton)


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