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PETEXZEN releases his new single “Punk”

PETEXZEN releases his new single “Punk”


The charismatic PETEXZEN is best known as the front man for pop punk bands such as Jet Jaguar, Hang Tight, and Picture Perfect. And now PETEXZEN has unleashed a raging new single and video entitled Punk – taken from his upcoming Heaven Is Full Of Chicks With Mohawks EP – out November 5th! PETEXZEN discusses the short yet very sweet Punk sonnet below…

“Recently music doesn’t even feel like music. Everyday there’s a new conveyor belt alt artist being shoved down our throats with calculated marketing on social media. They’re usually a teen of some famous actor, have the right look, or boyfriend in a Hollywood relationship. People who can sing in tune, but don’t write their own songs or find their own sound. They have the resources and team of people to make something that is easy to sell and easy to consume. Why don’t people see through it? Sometimes it feels like people will only like music if everyone else likes it. It’s only cool if everyone else thinks it’s cool.

Watch the Punk video by PETEXZEN here!

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