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NOVA SKELLIS • Classic US Power Metal Band 🆕 Debut Album Out Now!

NOVA SKELLIS • Classic US Power Metal Band 🆕 Debut Album Out Now!

📸 Nova Skellis

NOVA SKELLIS • Classic US Power Metal Band 🆕 Debut Album Out Now!

👉 Highly energetic, classic US Power METAL from New York !
👉 An absolute powerhouse of a debut album !

Official album release:
April 04, 2023

🎶 FFO:
Liege Lord, Helstar, Metal Church

The falcon flies high again …

Life Amongst The Damned” contains ten tracks in the best US Power Metal tradition. In addition to typical powerful numbers like “Fall In Line“, “Mother, May I?” and “Gods To Strike You Down” there are also other shades on the album.

So “All The Comfort Of A Graveyard” is a fascinating dark and doomy track. “Something Wicked This Way Comes” carries a 1970s charm, while “Skull Full Of Bees” shows NOVA SKELLIS from a more speedy side.

Each song has its own face and makes sure that the debut album is a traditional, heavy and varied release.

With “Life Amongst The DamnedNOVA SKELLIS prove that neither spatial separation nor language barriers hinder when the thought of Metal unites!

Artwork • “Life Amongst The Damned”
🎨 Addison Ellis

▶ 🗓️ Official release: April 04, 2023

01. Life Amongst The Damned 03:58
02. Gods To Strike You Down 03:36
03. Fall In Line 04:10
04. Wicked Child 06:19
05. Morrigan’s Rede 05:25
06. Skull Full Of Bees 03:19
07. Something Wicked This Way Comes 03:19
08. All The Comfort Of The Graveyard 06:10
09. Mother, May I? 04:32
10. Once Upon A Time 08:13

total: 47:53 min.

⚫ The glorious return of a real US Metal legend
⚫ Timeless, classic, with power and quality in one
⚫ Gripping vocalised & catchy songs like from one cast

“Mother, May I?”
🎥 Official Lyric Video
🗓️ Premiered March 22, 2023
🎬 ⚙️ Metalloscope Music

Skull Full Of Bees” 💀🐝
🎥 Official Lyric Video
🗓️ Premiered April 04, 2023
🎬 ⚙️ Siri Siri, Into The Lens


Singer and bassist Edward Green has been carrying his musical ideas and visions around for a very long time, when he finally decided to form NOVA SKELLIS in 2018.

The singer is silent about the exact meaning of the band’s name. Thus, we can only assume that in addition to the phonetic euphony the adequate terms “new” and “skills” also played a role.

At the latest since the Phantom Reunion Show 2018 at the Legions Of Metal Festival, the vocalist of the US METAL band has tasted blood again.

Almost at the same time, Phantom’sCyberchrist” album and as well the new single “The Violence Of Twilight” were released on vinyl via Metalloscope Music.

The response to these releases did not only cause an awakening of the fans. Also Edward Green, known to many only under his stage name ‘Falcon Eddie‘, received a motivational boost to finally become active again.

He got in contact with the German drummer Jörg Quaquil (ex-Tharn, ex-Living Fast) and the Italian guitarist Alex Spalvieri (ex-Hellblaze, ex-Necromant, ex-Bad Moon Caravan). The trio decided to record four songs together, which were released digitally in 2022.

The feedback on this first sign of life was so strong and positive that the band completed the recording of a full album later that year.

📸 Nova Skellis

Edward ‘Eddie’ Green • Vocals, Bass
Alex Spalvieri • Guitar
Jörg Quaquil • Drums

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2023 • Life Amongst The Damned • Full-length

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