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Feel The Heat by Nitrate (Frontiers Music Srl)

Feel The Heat by Nitrate (Frontiers Music Srl)

Feel The Heat by Nitrate (Frontiers Music Srl)

Starting off with sirens of pure urgency in the distance before exploding into the bigtime melodic rock reveries of title track Feel The Heat, the fourth Nitrate album kicks off with a fully loaded intensity. Now on the Frontiers Music Srl record label, Nitrate from the UK has returned with 11 dynamic songs that will send AOR fans into the stratosphere.

Bassist/founding member Nick Hogg is a massive talent and has assembled a cast of amazing performers within the audio universe of Nitrate. First and foremost are the absolutely epic vocals of Alexander Strandell, who brings his critically acclaimed experience with Art Nation and Crowne, delivering quite an impassioned performance throughout. Also, along for the amazing journey are brothers Tom and James Martin of (ex)Vega infamy, who not only play guitars and keyboards on the album, but have also produced and mixed with skilled precision. Former Nitrate member and current Midnite City vocalist Rob Wylde even brings on the fire into Feel The Heat with a few inspired co-writes.

The glorious songs just keep on arriving and tantalizing the senses. All The Right Moves, Wild In The City, Satellite, and Haven’t Got Time For A Heartache are standouts that should be played all over the worldwide radio airwaves. And hearing the powerhouse combo vocals of Alexander Strandell and labelmate Issa on One Kiss (To Save My Heart) recalls the glorious rock radio duets of the 80’s.  Be sure to listen to the very end when Nitrate closes out Feel The Heat with a stunning power ballad entitled Stay.

Feel The Heat by Nitrate is an instant AOR classic that will be revered by music fans of all ages. Nick Hogg and company have poured their hearts and souls into this one, and the rapturous melodies and captivating performances reign supreme.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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