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The Ready Set at The Hollywood Palladium – Live Photos

The Ready Set at The Hollywood Palladium – Live Photos

The Ready Set, The Hollywood Palladium, October 1, 2023

Boys Like Girls made their way to the iconic Hollywood Palladium on The Speaking Our Language Tour for a glorious night of emo pop punk. The special guest for the evening was The Ready Set, who presented a solid opening performance. The solo project of Jordan Witzigreuter, The Ready Set has been pop rocking the world since 2008 – including several rounds on the Vans Warped Tour as well as many headlining and support treks across the nation.

In addition to music and memories, Jordan and The Ready Set is on the verge of releasing a brand-new album entitled Cherryland – his first full length since 2016. And judging by the short yet very sweet performance – as well as the rapturous response of the crowd – The Ready Set are primed for nothing short of an epic comeback.

The Ready Set opened with a new single entitled Who You Really Are, and although the emo crowd seeking nostalgia may not be familiar with the song yet, the sheer infectiousness really made the early arrivals stand up and take notice. Up next was Stays Four The Same from The Ready Set’s breakthrough 2010 album I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming – which clearly captivated the rapidly filling to capacity auditorium. Another sampling of new material would soon follow with the wondrous poignant refrains of Act 2 – an autobiographical selection signifying the resurgence of what is going to be a brilliant next chapter in The Ready Set’s story.

The deliciously wicked Killer was brought out next from the Feel Good Now EP, with its super catchy “I’m no good for you” chorus ringing throughout the walls of the Hollywood Palladium. And then it was time for a massive double dose of hits to emit for The Ready Set, and Jordan and company delivered Love Like Woe and Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) with an exhilarating amount of passion and conviction.

Jordan Witzigreuter and The Ready Set remain quite an imaginative force in music – those who have followed his career through the V1 and V2 EP’s along with The Only Child project can attest to the ongoing dynamic talent of this very gifted artist.  It will be exciting to see a headlining show where Jordan is able to showcase his thrilling new material from Cherryland as well as other songs from such an absolutely standout career in music.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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