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Interview with Renato Malizia of The Blog That Celebrates Itself and TBTCI Records

Interview with Renato Malizia of The Blog That Celebrates Itself and TBTCI Records

Renato Malizia has been promoting quality music for the past decade with his site The Blog That Celebrates Itself, compiling song files and networking around the world seeking music from the shoegaze, psychedelic and dream pop genres.  On The Blog, Renato interviews bands and includes song files to listen.  More recently he started a Bandcamp page for TBTCI Records, featuring covers compilations from the likes of Cocteau Twins, Chapterhouse, Ride, Yo La Tengo, Nirvana, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure and Siouxsie & The Banshees along with many other non-cover compilations and single artist releases.  The most recent release is Just For A Life, A Homage to Slowdive.  Included in the comp is a cover of the song Slowdive by Whimsical that was given love on social media by Slowdive themselves.

I contacted Renato recently to find out more about what makes this man tick, why he loves music and about the music scene in his hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil and this is what he had to say.

When did you first start The Blog That Celebrates Itself? Why did you do it?
First of all, thank you very much Bret for the space, it will be delightful to talk with you about TBTCI.
Well it all started nine years ago, in fact I was a little tired of what happened in the music in the 2000s, for me what was made of really good that decade was made in the underworld of the underground and nothing I really liked was given value, for example bands like Skywave, Alcian Blue, Air Formation among others, simply these bands were ignored at that time. And the TBTCI began just like an outburst of mine in relation to the mediocrity that prevailed at the time. But I wrote things like someone who writes a personal diary, I never imagined anyone would read or pay attention.

Until I met the band 93 Million Miles From The Sun, this was My Space’s golden age and I met their record label at the time, Northern Star and the owner, Scott Causer suggested that I start interviewing the bands of Northern Star, and from then on I have not stopped, and here we are with more than 2000 interview, imagine, over 2000 bands that really deserve to be heard.

How has The Blog changed over the years? How has technology helped you to spread the word about good music?
As I said above, the first change was to start making TBTCI a vehicle for the bands to speak, not me, in my opinion review site exists in the hills, and I did not want TBTCI to be just another one, and so I focused solely and exclusively on giving the space for the artists to talk about themselves, their experiences, in short, the word is theirs.

Of course I always give my introduction, but I’m not a journalist, I’m just a fan of music, so my reviews or introductions are always in the first person, that is, who I interview I really like, and I like a lot, but coming back, with the passing of years technologies have been changing, we have many social networking tools today (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) and all should be used as mechanisms for dissemination, and I as a graduate in marketing, I know how to use these tools.

But currently, the main and fundamental tool is, interactivity, that is, each artist must interact with the others, and thus form a bond, and I see more and more bands and people doing it, with that, doors open and bigger possibilities appear .

Who has been one of your favorite bands or artists to interview over the years?
It may sound like protectionism, but it’s not, every band, even if it has not released anything official, only demo versions, have something to say, and that fascinates me, so every interview in my opinion is very important.
I can say that interviewing people like Adam Franklin (Swervedriver), Dean Garcia (Curve / SPC ECO), Stephen Lawrie (Telescopes), David Callahan (The Wolfhounds), Oliver Ackermann / Paul Baker / John Fedowitz (Skywave / APTBS / Ceremony / Static Daydream), Jake and Kim Reid (Alcian Blue / Screen Vinyl Image), Mark Gardener (Ride) were very special

You also started The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records with many compilations and single band releases. When did you start this and how has the reception been so far?
Well it all began in 2012, we did the trilogy of three EPs from Robsongs, then came more Brazilian bands like Bela Infanta, and we did six volumes with bands from all over the world that I had already interviewed where I gave names of colors (Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, White, Green) there were more than 72 bands in all gratuitous compilations in the Bandcamp, and from that moment, I was beginning to think about new projects to spread the bands, and also to revere the bands that all we like.

The reception of the honorees as well as the people and especially of the bands that participate are geniuses, all have fun and end up opening