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Stories We Tell by Seven Hard Years (7HY) (Lion’s Pride Music)

Stories We Tell by Seven Hard Years (7HY) (Lion’s Pride Music)

Stories We Tell by Seven Hard Years (7HY) (Lion’s Pride Music)

Founded in 2013, Seven Hard Years aka 7HY is a melodic hard rock band that is sure to entice the senses of Journey and REO Speedwagon fans all over the planet. Based out of the UK and led by Alan Kelly, former of drummer of the vastly underrated and undeniably legendary Shy, Stories We Tell is a euphoric adventure that is well worth seeking out. In addition to Alan Kelly’s superb work on guitar, bass, drums, keys, and backing vocals, Seven Hard Years also includes the participation of Line Of Fire vocalist Shawn Pelata unleashing supremely impassioned lead vocals. Also featuring guest appearances from ex-members of Marshall Law, Houston and a whole lot more, these fine musicians deliver the sonic goods in a grand and inspiring way.

Stories We Tell kicks off with the spiraling I’ll Survive, where Seven Hard Years channel the almighty Journey with the oncoming results being nothing short of staggering in scope. And the powerhouse tunes keep on approaching, with songs such as Break The Spell, Don’t Believe A Word, and Only Human thoroughly enrapturing the listener. Just about any selection found with the dozen tracks on Stories We Tell could be heard all over FM radio – if only the airwaves bothered to play music this exhilarating in this day and age. Be sure to listen all the way to gripping one-two grand finale of Sweet Sensation and Wasn’t Always Like That – concluding the Stories We Tell odyssey on a wondrously poignant note.

Admirers of Shy will surely want to check out what Alan Kelly has to present as the next glorious chapter of an illustrious career. Expect to revisit this one time and again and enjoy the gems Seven Hard Years has to offer the world at large. Just like reading an exceptional book or discovering a fantastic new band, Stories We Tell by Seven Hard Years is filled to brim with dazzling songs that will remain embedded in your head (as well as your CD player) for the timeless rock and roll ages ahead!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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