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Wrapped In Vines, Covered In Thorns by Villain Of The Story (Stay Sick Recordings)

Wrapped In Vines, Covered In Thorns by Villain Of The Story (Stay Sick Recordings)

Wrapped In Vines, Covered In Thorns by Villain Of The Story (Stay Sick Recordings)

Stay Sick Recordings, a label owned by the notorious Fronz of Attila, has been on a signing rampage since their humble beginnings – and has unleashed onto the world new releases from bands such as The Plot In You, Enterprise Earth, and Vesta Collide. Count on Villain Of The Story from Minnesota to take off for the label in an epic way, especially if their debut album for Stay Sick is any indication of massive glories in future days to come. Wrapped In Vines, Covered In Thorns is dark, reflective and ultimately inspiring – an epic collection of post hardcore / metalcore anthems that should garner the band a rabid fan base above and way beyond their Midwest home base. Expect success of heroic proportions if Villain Of The Story catches on with the masses – they certainly have the rapturous songs to back it up and appear ready to slam headfirst into the big leagues.

The ominous guitars at the commencement of the album give way to the explosive refrains of GHC, welcoming each and every listener to the mood, melodies and supreme heaviness Villain Of The Story unveils. Dragon Sickness kicks off with swaggering synth style beats before raging into a firestorm of sonic intrigue with its “there are no more bridges left for you to burn” sentiments.  Next up, Villain Of The Story deliver A Message To Mr. Rascal with a stunning amount of persuasion and intensity. “Please hold on just a little bit longer,” implores the vocals on Promise Me with a dire sense of urgency, followed by an impassioned plea for redemption in a relationship gone wrong in the powerful Never Coming Back.

This Apocalypse transports this listener into one’s own personal Armageddon with its seething lyrics ripping into the heart of the matter. Powerless is an infinite standout, with mostly clean vocals that will surely inspire epic sing-alongs when unleashed within a live setting. Serenity (Interlude) is an exquisite instrumental, a calming selection before the final batch of stormy tapestries. “There is something inside my skin making its way to the surface,” is the beginning of the sonically devastating The One Reborn followed by an unveiling of the raging title cut Wrapped In Vines, Covered In Thorns. And then closing out the album on a wondrously introspective note is Grow, a song that listeners of all ages will find both relatable and inspirational.

The musicians found within Villain Of The Story are vibrantly resourceful, featuring rock solid performances from Christian Grey on vocals, Logan Bartholomew on vocals, Sean Wayne on bass, Cody Pauly on guitar, Michael Ivers on guitar, and Nick Totton on drums. With the perfect juxtaposition of clean and screamed vocals spewing forth shattering lyrical content, and spiraling guitar interludes meshing with a tight as hell rhythm section, Villain Of The Story will surely enrapture all who venture out to check into what this exhilarating up-and-coming collective has to convey.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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