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Lucid Dreams A Relationship by She Screams Of Royalty (Imminence Records)

Lucid Dreams A Relationship by She Screams Of Royalty (Imminence Records)

Lucid Dreams A Relationship by She Screams Of Royalty (Imminence Records)

Based out of Traverse City, Michigan, She Screams Of Royalty is an exciting post hardcore entity destined to blast into the big leagues – especially if their debut for Imminence Records is any indication of crowning achievements ahead. Fans of acts such as Silverstein and Alesana are destined to encounter a lifelong favorite when investigating the impassioned compositions presented by She Screams Of Royalty. Featuring epic choruses and frenzied musical dynamics that will reverberate within your head long after its stunning conclusion, Lucid Dreams A Relationship is a spiraling recording that many will want to revisit time and again.

The sonic reveries commence with the ominous strains of I Wish, sparking the intensity about to take place within the realm of Lucid Dreams A Relationship. Merging into the relentless screams and then striking clean vocals of I Could Tell You, She Screams Of Royalty instantly hooks the listener in with their overall passion and conviction. How I Feel then enraptures with its explosive lyrics and gripping soundscapes conveying a dire sense of urgency. One Last Time is sweeping and imaginative with its overpowering darkness and echoes of cathartic enlightenment ultimately bleeding through.

It’s Inevitable vibrantly displays everything that renders the music of She Screams Of Royalty so intriguing – blistering clean vocals and crushing screams, combined with thunderous refrains that are instantly memorable – expect this one to an audience favorite with its “tiptoe through your dreams like a nightmare” lyrical content persuasively flickering through. “We’re not alright, we’re not alright” muses What Happened with a wondrously combustible rage. Just Know Deep Down is another glorious highlight where She Screams Of Royalty channel the likes of Silverstein and then send it off into the stratosphere. And then closing out Lucid Dreams A Relationship on a somber yet cinematic note is I Will Always Remember You, showing another side of the She Screams Of Royalty experience.

The musicianship found within She Screams Of Royalty possesses a good deal of inspiration and drive, featuring the participation of Nathan Post on vocals and guitars, Alex Lee Grubaugh (of Apparitions) on vocals, Dan Hiegel on lead guitar, and Daniel Harrell on drums. Imminence Records always signs the best in up-and-coming talent, and with the unveiling of She Screams Of Royalty, expect an oncoming reign of kingly proportions! Stay tuned…

(Review by Ken Morton)

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