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Monuments Uncovered by Mystic Prophecy (Massacre Records)

Monuments Uncovered by Mystic Prophecy (Massacre Records)

Monuments Uncovered by Mystic Prophecy (Massacre Records)

The 10th magnum opus from power metal veterans Mystic Prophecy has arrived, and what an absolutely glorious way to kick off the New Year! Monuments Uncovered is the name of their latest recording for Massacre Records, jammed packed with wickedly unpredictable covers that music fans will be spinning fiendishly throughout 2018 and well beyond.

Paying homage to the celebrated classics of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Monuments Uncovered presents many of these hit songs like you’ve never heard them before. Vocalist R.D. Liapakis and his crew has unleashed a wondrously entertaining album that will stun the senses and have you singing along while raising your metal fists high and proud in the air.

And what a dazzling collection of cover tributes Mystic Prophecy has in store for metal fans all over the world! Expect the totally unexpected, as the mighty Mystic Prophecy unveil a blistering yet wildly infection rendering of Hot Stuff originally recorded by disco diva Donna Summer! The Elton John classic I’m Still Standing sounds like a metal anthem for the ages when given the Mystic Prophecy heavy metal treatment. Another dynamic moment is a sizzling rendition of The Supremes/Kim Wilde standard You Keep Me Hanging On, complete with searing guitars and fiery vocals.

The Patti Smith hit single Because The Night has been covered by Keel as well, and Mystic Prophecy’s own version contained within Monuments Uncovered is nothing short of stratospheric! Other thrilling selections include songs originally recorded by the likes of Mike Oldfield, Tokyo, Lenny Kravitz, T. Rex, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Monster Magnet. Be sure to seek out the digipack to hear Mystic Prophecy slam into a ferocious cover of Billy Squire’s massive radio entreaty The Stroke!

The Mystic Prophecy 2018 lineup is absolutely first rate, infusing each and every song with a dazzling amount of heavy metal intrigue. Impassioned performances are unveiled from each and every participant, including the aforementioned R.D. Liapakis on vocals, Markus Pohl on guitars, Evan K. on guitars, Joey Roxx on bass, and Hanno Kerstan on drums. The humorously imagination cover art for Monuments Uncovered is brought to you courtesy of Dušan Marković (A Sound Of Thunder, Death Dealer, Seven Kingdoms, Night Legion). If you are in the mood to party and bang your head to the likes of Elton John and Donna Summer, be sure to check into Monuments Uncovered by Mystic Prophecy and prepare to be thoroughly enraptured by this dazzling display of heavy metal virtuosity!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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