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MORTAL INFINITY • Thrash Metal • New Lyric Video “Fellowship Of Rats”

MORTAL INFINITY • Thrash Metal • New Lyric Video “Fellowship Of Rats”
Thrash Metal
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When rats reign! MORTAL INFINITY definitely stand out from the mass of today’s Thrashers with “In Cold Blood” – and they do it without cramping.

After all, who has such a huge heart for the underground and the original rebellion of this musical branch can also do a lot with it.

Since June 10th, MORTAL INFINITY present their new, official lyric video for the song “Fellowship Of Rats“.

Official Lyric Video for ‘Fellowship Of Rats’
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The track is from the third album “In Cold Blood“, which will be released in September 2019. MORTAL INFINITY itself presents the thematic background to “Fellowship Of Rats” without superfluous words, coming straight to the point:

When greed gets out of hand, when it’s all about strengthening one’s power – completely without regard to everyone else. If you’re trying to buy your own clear conscience with designer suits, chic cars and big bank accounts.

One day earlier, on June 09th, the formation around Shouter Marc Doblinger revealed the front cover art of the new album. And not only MORTAL INFINITY are happy with it, but also the graphic creators of All4band: “Really one of the most epic concepts we’ve worked on so far, we’re proud to be a part of it.”
▶ Official release of “In Cold Blood”: September 06th, 2019
◀Frontcover • “In Cold Blood” • Artwork: All4band

2010 Eternal War (EP)
2012 District Destruction (Full-length)
2015 Final Death Denied (Full-length)
2019 In Cold Blood (Full-length)MORTAL INFINITY • Online:

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