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Hope by Everyday Sidekicks (Self-released EP)

Hope by Everyday Sidekicks (Self-released EP)

Everyday Sidekicks is an up-and-coming band ready to break on through in a vast and epic way!  Fans of collectives such as A Day To Remember and Beartooth may just want to check into the wondrous post hardcore anthems Everyday Sidekicks has to offer the world at large. Based out of Bristol, Everyday Sidekicks unveil compelling lyrics combined with a sonic ferocity that is destined to launch them well above and beyond the confines of the UK.

Hope is their second glorious EP, a thoroughly gripping collection of tunes that will surely stun the senses of all who give a good solid listen. Imagine a car of melodic pop punkers slamming headfirst into an ongoing truck of unbridled metalcore ferocity, and you are only just beginning to envision the powerhouse artistry of Everyday Sidekicks.

Hope kicks off with the spiraling sounds of Glass House, smashing into the heart of the matter with its suffocating screams of “I can’t forget” leaving an indelible impression. Bury Your Friends is as bleak as it inspiring, showing Everyday Sidekicks at their most impassioned. Fracture then rages away with its metallic refrains blasting into your face with it’s devastating “I’m not afraid to say I’m broken” chorus ringing through loud and clear.

Lacuna is a haunting instrumental supplying a time for reflections with its somber soundscapes. And then closing out Hope is Everyday Sidekicks teaching us all the Business Secrets Of The Pharaohs, ending the EP asking “when will you learn?” and “who the f*ck do you think you are?” with a massive amount of confrontational aggression. Expect this standout track and its supremely punishing breakdowns to ignite fevered hardcore pits when performed in a live setting.

Each member of Everyday Sidekicks performs with a grand amount of passion and conviction, really making these songs to come to an ultra vivid life! Included within the Everyday Sidekicks’s lineup are Archie Hatfield on vocals, Tim Brown on guitar, Sam Hughes on bass, and Josh Armitage on drums. Hope by Everyday Sidekicks is an explosive endeavor sure to captivate all looking for heavy music packed with a lot of heart and a ton of blistering intensity!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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