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Cassette Culture at Ultimate Jam Night 102

Cassette Culture, Ultimate Jam Night 102, The Whisky, March 28, 2017

One of the many reasons to arrive early at any Ultimate Jam Night extravaganza taking place every Tuesday at The Whisky is to see the local talent who open up the shows.  As Los Angeles is infamous for its numerous bands of multiple genres, Ultimate Jam Night too has played host to local favorites from many different styles of music. Cassette Culture is based out of the Long Beach area, and brought their own unique brand of Indie rock to the Sunset Strip.

On this extraordinary night, the early arrivals were treated to a full 40-minute set – a performance which really let you get know the vibrant and compelling music this young band has to offer. Although they have more in common with the Coachella crowd than the Sunset Strip regulars, there is something to be found within the artistry of Cassette Culture that should appeal to all types of music aficionados.

Opening with the dazzling refrains of Melatonin Girls, Cassette Culture thoroughly enraptured the Ultimate Jam Night crowd with their multi-layered super-intensive songs. The magic and intrigue continued as Cassette Culture weaved its powerful spell upon The Whisky with sonnets such as Afterglow and Over Teenage Beds. From the quietest moments on to a world of rage and feedback, Cassette Culture sent the entire room into a rapturous state of pure auditory bliss.

Lead vocalist and guitar Jacob Mandel possessing a stylish voice and vividly inspired guitar work that weaves gracefully yet ominously through the persuasive wall of sound. Dylan Knight looked like a total rock and roll star dressed to the nines in sunglasses, glitter jacket and leather pants, unveiling a thoroughly rapturous guitar tone that thrilled the senses. Bassist Gabriel Bourdeau and drummer Evan Schaid made for an artistic and resourceful rhythm section, slamming the epic songs home with immense precision. With all of the members still in their teens, Cassette Culture performs with imaginative and flair that is exciting to witness

With the looks, the swagger, plus the thrilling tunes and dynamic talent to back it all up, Cassette Culture is destined to be headlining their very own shows at The Whisky and well beyond in no time at all. Closing with the spiraling tones of The Death Of Miami and the anthem-like Innovation Copulation, Cassette Culture surely gained some new converts at the 102nd edition of Ultimate Jam Night. Expect to hear a lot more from Cassette Culture in the months ahead!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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