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Be Myself by Sheryl Crow (Warner Brothers Records)

Be Myself by Sheryl Crow (Warner Brothers Records)

Before taking leaps ahead, Sheryl Crow has reached back from her past to see if something was back there to still grow forward from and where that will lead to. With caution looking back, about your life, to see where it could take you if brought up to the future and having such a great catalog of songs from the past, I don’t think anything is missing.  Be Myself explores this assumption of caution with expectations of better awareness to what might be coming.  Sheryl has really shown a lot of her inner-self from her past. Lyrically Sheryl paints pictures and places and settles you right in as if at a bonfire listening in on a person’s life. Sheryl gives us brilliant pop songs, yet again, showing that incredible past and shows even clear forwardness from looking back into one’s self. Growing away from this into exploring a newer future is telling us that Sheryl is still rock n rolling along having a great time in her life. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if several singles came from this new CD.

The radio will go into a fun frenzy with songs like Be Mine, Long Way Back, Roller Skate, Alone In The Dark and the brilliant Love Will Save The Day.  No wonder Roller Skate has already been picked up for TV placement and that song would make a great promo video as well.  Sheryl Crow will easily have a top selling album yet again with Be Myself.  I bet a lot of beer parties will be playing this CD loud so the neighborhoods can get their rock steady on. Thanks Sheryl for another great fun time.  Catch Sheryl Crow on tour real soon. Sheryl Crow is playing the Greek Theater on June 8th so get your tickets quickly for yet a great party of music.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)

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