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Beyond The Fight by Vescera (Pure Steel Records)

Beyond The Fight by Vescera (Pure Steel Records)

Beyond The Fight by Vescera (Pure Steel Records)

Esteemed heavy metal vocalist Michael Vescera has a massive list of superbly impressive credits, performing with bands such as Loudness, Obsession, and The Reign Of Terror. He would also spend time with the legendary Yngwie Malmsteen, which would include appearances on the 90’s albums The Seventh Sign and Magnum Opus. Vescera has a good amount of solo work to his credit, and now with the unveiling of his latest masterwork Beyond The Fight, Vescera and his top notch band are ready to place the pedal to the metal and launch into pure sonic overdrive. Nine raging tracks in all are featured within Beyond The Fight, all glorious anthems that will make you want to raise your fist proudly and triumphantly in the air!

The pummeling drums kick off with a relentless intensity followed by searing metallic guitar and pulsating bass – and then Michael Vescera joins in ferociously with the almighty opening track Blackout In Paradise – a song containing a chorus so wickedly infectious that you’ll be screaming this one long after the disc spins to its conclusion. In The Night is up next with its rapturous metal refrains enveloping the listener with its hard rocking mystery and intrigue. Stand And Fight then assaults the listener with Vescera’s outstanding metal wail and a blistering soundtrack that is an absolute thrill to the senses. The explosive Dynamite slams out of your stereo speakers with a combustible energy that is stunning to behold. Vescera and company then go Looking For Trouble where “there is only one way out, and it’s straight to hell!

Both Vendetta and Trouble continue on with the towering anthems demonstrating Vescera’s staggering vocal abilities and a band of musicians unleashing the goods in an epic way! Never Letting Go exudes a ton of passion from within the lyrical vocal delivery as well as the grand slam musicianship of all involved. “Let me in your darkest dreams,” Vescera then entreats urgently in the concluding Suite 95, ending Beyond The Fight on a dark and devastating note.

On Beyond The Fight, Michael Vescera proves tenfold why he is one of the most vastly underrated metal vocalists on the planet. In addition to MV’s extraordinary work, the rock solid musicianship found within Vescera include the likes of ex-Nitehawks members Mike Petrone on guitar, Frank Leone on bass, and Fabio Alessandrini on drums. Michael Vescera has been thrilling the world at large since his days in Obsession starting in 1984. And in this present day of 2017, Vescera remains a mesmerizing metal force of nature to be reckoned with! Check into what Beyond The Fight has to offer and prepare to be thoroughly captivated.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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