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Vital Noise at MeowMeowz! Pasadena

Vital Noise, MeowMeowz! Pasadena, April 22, 2017

MeowMeowz! is an absolutely amazing retro 80’s thrift shop deep in the heart of Pasadena on Colorado Blvd. Opening for business in 2009, MeowMeowz! may be small in stature, but their glorious selection of jewelry, t-shirts, CD’s, vinyl and so much more definitely render this place required shopping for all adventurous punk rock and roll enthusiasts. Owner Veronika operates with an obvious passion for her work as well as for the local music scene, as every Friday and Saturday, live bands could be heard emitting thunderously from this classic style music and accessories store.

As The Wright Stuff and I made our way to the doorway of MeowMeowz!, the sounds of a young punk band covering We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister could be heard seething out from the shop. I wanted to go in and check out the commotion, but the store was packed and maneuvering around would prove to be challenging. MeowMeowz! was certainly hopping on an otherwise quiet night in the wilds of Pasadena.

Which of course brings us to the band that Highwire Daze Online would be covering at MeowMeowz! The first time we would encounter the young power trio Vital Noise was opening for Buckcherry at The NammJam Show in Orange County. The band won the coveted supporting spot and they performed with a tremendous amount of passion and enthusiasm. Revisiting Vital Noise on the makeshift stage at MeowMeowz! was even more exciting, as the band has not only gotten heavier musically but had tightened up their sound.  Vital Noise ultimately delivering an explosive performance that nearly blew the roof off MeowMeowz!  The Los Angeles based trio opened with the stunning refrains of Miss Pretty Little Something and then proceeded to unleash a thrilling hybrid beast of alternative rock and modern metal.

Andrew Wilmot definitely captivates the audience’s attention with his vibrantly intensive vocals and inspired guitar playing. His younger brother Preston Wilmot supplies a stunning low end on bass guitar that fully reverberated throughout MeowMeowz! And them slamming it all home was drummer Izak Anthanas, keeping the massive beats like a true pro. It is very apparent that the band has been performing together for a while, because these three young musicians connect perfectly, working wonders together, and clearly dazzled the MeowMeowz! patronage.

Concluding their show with the fiery one-two punch of Serenity and Inching Closer, there is no doubt that Vital Noise is going to gain a lot of fans if they keep it up with performances and songs this wondrously impressive. Be sure to catch up with Vital Noise the next time they show up to sonically obliterate your town on stages big and small. And check out MeowMeowz! located at 2423 E.Colorado Blvd in Pasadena for some really cool rock and roll treats and treasures!

(Review and Photos by Ken Morton)

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