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She Screams Of Royalty: Lucid Dreams and Sonic Reverberations

She Screams Of Royalty: Lucid Dreams and Sonic Reverberations

Photo Credit: Kaylene Ripke

She Screams Of Royalty: Lucid Dreams and Sonic Reverberations

Based out of the Northern Michigan area, She Screams Of Royalty is a post hardcore collective ready to rage onto the national music scene.  Their debut for Imminence Records is entitled  Lucid Dreams A Relationship, and its sure to enrapture fans of bands such as Silverstein and Memphis May Fire.  Songs such as Just Know Deep Down and It’s Inevitable will surely leave a lingering impression on all adventurous music fans who venture out to give a listen.  Highwire Daze Online caught up with guitarist/vocalist Nathan Post to find out more about this compelling new band on the rise.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in She Screams Of Royalty, and how long the band has been together,
I am Nathan, I play Guitar, and do clean vocals. I was actually one of the founding members of SSOR. Counting me the band has been a thing for over 5 years. With the current lineup. It’s pretty rejuvenated, and fresh with some new talent that brings a lot to the table.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Any local bands you could recommend?
The band is based out of Northern Michigan. Can’t really say anywhere specific because we’re so spread out. The local scene here used to be huge but has slowed down as time has gone on. But, the few keeping it alive really do it justice. If I was to name a few Death of the Party, and Costellar come to mind first. They’re always pushing, and really bringing it when it comes to the scene. The heavy hitter is Famous Last Words with their wild success so far. They’re from northern Michigan also. But I definitely wouldn’t call them the true definition of local anymore.

How did you wind up being signed with Imminence Records? Is there any overall story or concept behind the title Lucid Dreams A Relationship?
SSOR wasn’t the band that really drew notice from Imminence actually. It was another project, and we released a song on YouTube. Pat found it, and I guess really like it. So, he got a hold of us, and the rest is history! Lucid Dreams A Relationship is up for interpretation really. We thought of “Lucid dreams, and relationships.”, and “Lucid, dreams of relationships.”. But, decided to mix the two. I really like how it worked out.

Select any two She Screams Of Royalty songs and what inspired the lyrics.
This new album consist of songs that all touch on the passing of my friend. It varies from mourning, to celebrating, to regrets. Keep those you care about close, and tell them how you feel more often. Set aside petty differences. Because their day will come sadly.

Has Taylor Swift or anyone connected with her heard or commenting on your cover of Bad Blood?
Not that I know of? I don’t know if I’d be stoked or worried to be honest. Hahaha

What could one expect from a live She Screams Of Royalty show?
Well. Honestly, you can expect the unexpected. No two shows ever go the same with us. I’ve had shows where we’ve had the whole crowd going insane, jumping on stage, forming pits, people running around smashing into each other, and people even joining me/singing in the mic. It keeps it interesting! Then, we have had shows where people just stand, and enjoy what we’re bringing to the table quietly in their own way. But, one thing for sure is you can always expect lots of puns from us.

If She Screams Of Royalty could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
I’d love to play with Issues. Because it was my/my friends favorite band before he passed away. I’d like to tell them how much their music really made a difference in his life. To this day I find it hard to listen to some of their songs because of how much it reminds me of him.. But, I’d like to make it known to them their significance. Especially the song “Disappear (Remember When)“.

If the music of She Screams Of Royalty was a donut, what kind would it be and why?
It would be a Nutella filled, cream cheese icing topped, hazel nut sprinkled, red velvet Frankenstein. Why? Because we’re fat, and we like to blend all of our favorite things into one. Just like our music.

Any touring plans in the works?
Once we’re 100% practiced up we will start taking on all the shows we can can! We will see what comes up.

What would you like someone to remember after hearing the music of She Screams Of Royalty for the first time?
Well, every aspect of our music is really thought out. So, I’d hope everything. In a positive way of course. I’d hope my words resonated in their heads throughout their day I guess. And, hopefully not get too annoying. Haha

Any final words of wisdom?
Love those you know. Even those you dislike. Support your local scene. Check out the bands I mentioned earlier! Don’t make the donut I described earlier either.. Otherwise, I foresee diabetes in your future. Tip your waitress, bartender, and hairstylist well. Help others, think twice, and learn something new. ❤

She Screams Of Royalty is:
Nathan Post – Vocals/Guitars
Alex Lee Grubaugh – Vocals
Dan Hiegel – Lead Guitars
Daniel Harrell – Drums

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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