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Adler’s Appetite, Classless Act and Brittney’s Rage at The Whisky

Steven Adler of Adler’s Appetite

Adler’s Appetite, Classless Act, Britney’s Rage, The Whisky, May 10, 2018

Adler’s Appetite headlined the notorious Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, making Thursday night on the Sunset Strip a rock and roll extravaganza! Steven Adler was in top form, playing the drums with a grand style and massive skills! The former Guns N’ Roses member is at the very height of his craft, smiling from ear to ear while clearly demonstrating why he remains one of the most influential and respected drummers on the planet.  Appetite For Destruction as performed by Adler’s Appetite at The Whisky where it all began was an event not to be missed!

In addition to the spectacular Adler’s Appetite show, The Whisky would host a wide variety of support bands, including Classless Act and Brittney’s Rage! Both of these collective unveiled dazzling performances, clearly showing that the City of Angels is the place to be when it comes to discovering the very best in up and coming talent!

London Hudson of Classless Act

Classless Act

In direct support to the mighty Adler’s Appetite was Classless Act, who were playing their second show ever at the Whisky! Having made their triumphant debut days before at the Ride For Ronnie Festival as Los Encinos Park (which also featured Steven Adler headlining with a personally selected All Star Band), Classless Act unleashed a thunderously exhilarating show! The Whisky was packed to the rafters and beyond, and it was obvious from the very first song that Classless Act had won over the Steven Adler fans big time!

Featuring the participation of London Hudson on drums, whose dear old dad is none other than Slash of Guns N’ Roses infamy, there is no doubt that music talent runs very deep in the family. Hudson performs with fire and inspiration, supplying a dynamic beat to the hard rocking proceedings. Classless Act also features the wildly charismatic Derek Day on lead vocals, whose own solo project has made news opening for the likes of Ted Nugent and Steel Panther. Day is the classic rock and roll front man, singing his heart out with a stunning ferocity. The dual guitar assault is wondrously mesmerizing, brought to you courtesy of Nico Tsangaris (lead) and Dane Pieper (rhythm). Bassist Franco Gravante supplies the heavy hitting low end, meshing exceedingly well with London Hudson’s drumming expertise.

With most of the members in the 20’s or younger, the imaginative musicianship and superbly energetic passion found raging upon the Whisky stage was exciting to witness! The sole mission of Classless Act is to create “kick ass rock and roll,” and these guys deliver the goods in an epic way! Be sure to check out the next Classless Act gathering at The Whisky on June 22nd, when they’ll be opening for Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate!

Brittney’s Rage at The Whisky

Brittney’s Rage

Captivating the early arrivals at The Whisky were the rip roaring rock and roll pirates of Brittney’s Rage! The band has amassed quite a fan following over the years, opening for national acts such as Dokken, Lynch Mob, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, and the Bulletboys. And with each and every appearance, Brittney’s Rage delivers a thoroughly intriguing show that leaves you wanting a whole lot more!

Brittney Rochelle is a stunning vocalist and namesake to the Brittney’s Rage experience, performing with a sense of passion and conviction. Fans of Pat Benatar and Janet Gardner of Vixen will be clearly enraptured by Ms. Rochelle’s rapturous singing and exhilarating stage presence. The staggering axe work of lead guitarist Tony Muela exudes both skill and imagination as he proceeds to shred your hard rocking soul and leave you wanting a whole lot more! And what a tight and pummeling rhythm section Brittney’s Rage has in store for you, featuring Len Stray on bass and Ray Muela on drums. And if all this wasn’t enough to gain your undivided attention, the alluring go-go dancing of Corina Cline throughout the Brittney’s Rage performance certainly set the night in motion!

Bands such as Brittney’s Rage keep the Sunset Strip alive and vibrant, and their live shows are events not to be missed! Be sure to set sail with the rock and roll pirates of Brittney’s Rage the next time they show up to party with you within the wilds of Hollywood or beyond!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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