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Capital North at Amplyfi

Capital North at Amplyfi

Capital North, Amplyfi, March 9, 2018

Capital North unveils an auditory exploration through the tumultuous soundscapes of emotions and time – and as envisioned on their recent DIY Sea To Sky endeavor, their wondrous artistry has no bounds whether it be genre, imagination or otherwise. Their live show is a clear extension of their compelling entreaties, as Capital North made their way to the confines of Amplyfi in the wilds of Hollywood, California for the Sea To Sky EP release extravaganza. This would also be the debut live performance of Capital North, and these talented musicians adamantly demonstrated why they are one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from the vast and varied Los Angeles music scene. Core members Jonathan Farrar and Anthony Zichella were once part of a pop punk entity called Lights In The Sky, presenting songs within the genre on their very own terms. So it comes as no surprise that both artists are now venturing headfirst into progressive rock territory.

Sea To Sky is certainly a breathtaking collection of songs and Capital North would present the EP in its entirety – along with a few unreleased surprises – and the live results were wondrously captivating. A stunning wall of majestic sound along an exhilarating light show set the imagination in flight – and within the intimate confines of Amplyfi, the entire presentation was absolutely explosive.

Jonathan Farrar of Capital North

Jonathan Farrar’s inspiring guitar work sent the material into a higher cosmic realm, aligning the otherworldly dimensions between the intensive, the ethereal and well beyond. And what an absolutely impassioned vocal performance Anthony Zichella unleashed, tearing into the heart of the matter with a stunning sense of poignancy. Also included on Capital North’s exhilarating journey were Andrew “Broski” Rivas on drums and Derek de Lang on tech and programming – lending their own dynamic brand of magic and intrigue to a vibrant live presentation.

In addition to the staggering original compositions, Capital North unveiled a thrilling cover of the Linkin Park classic Numb – and this tribute left an indelible impression within an already dazzling set of tunes. When the emotional overdrive of Household Wars and Sky, one felt the cathartic liberation vocalist Anthony Zichella was presenting within the final moments of what would be a truly astounding set. No other Capital North voyages on the schedule for now, but expect to hear a whole more from this amazing collective in future days as their exquisite Sea To Sky EP and glorious live shows are not to be missed!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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