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Pseudo Star by His Dream Of Lions (Self-released)

Pseudo Star by His Dream Of Lions (Self-released)

Pseudo Star by His Dream Of Lions is aa grand and epic as their moniker would suggest – slick, ambitious, and ready to be stuck on repeat within the entrails of your chosen listening device. Based out of the Fairfax, Virginia area, it won’t be long until His Dream Of Lions find themselves known all across the nation – especially if Pseudo Star is indicative of greater glories ahead. With a ton of vibrant melodies and imagination within the confines of a five-song EP, Pseudo Star is sure to render His Dream Of Lions a very real breakout status! On the alternative rock side of the spectrum and laced with a ton of ambition, Pseudo Star by His Dream Of Lions is an auditory journey well worth seeking out.

Can you say Queen? That legendary band with Freddie Mercury? Apparently His Dream Of Lions can, and they dare to go big and multi-layered with Love Me Like I’m Sick – the first selection contained within the Pseudo Star affair. Love Me Like I’m Sick is truly one of the best pop rock and roll songs of the year that you probably haven’t heard yet – spiraling, infectious, and ready to take on the radio airwaves if given the chance. What an absolutely glorious commencement, and how fortunate the rest of the EP lives up to the sweeping Love Me Like I’m Sick magnum opus.

Earth Girls is the second track to be found on Pseudo Star, a free-wheeling, short yet very sweet pop rocking confection you’ll be humming long after the disc spins to its conclusion. What this band is able to accomplish in a song at two minutes and sixteen seconds is wondrously mind blowing. Killer Trip is sweeping in scope, gripping the listener with its vibrant melodies and heart on its sleeve lyrical sentiments. Magic is the perfect companion to late night restlessness, soaring into the stratosphere with its divine delivery. And then closing out the Pseudo Star experience way too soon is Swingin’, a grand finale that will make you want to get off your overly jaded ass and dance, dance, dance. “I am the perfect monster, underneath the bed or in your head” are among the clever lyrical sentiments to be found on this luminous track.

The artistry and intrigue found within the His Dream Of Lions membership is first rate – featuring the participation of Seth Coggeshall on vocals, Nick Jones on lead guitar, Colby Witko on keyboards, and Justin Mason on bass. The fact that His Dream Of Lions remain unsigned while releasing EP’s as compelling as Pseudo Star is a puzzling reality – a status that may very well change when record labels encounter what this band has been able to achieve on the DIY. In the meantime, check into His Dream Of Lions now and catch up with a rising star ready to pop rock you world with their dynamic artistry. His Dreams Of Lions is the infinite future of a genre now known as classic rock!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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