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Police Brutality by The Hard Way (Self-released)

Police Brutality by The Hard Way (Self-released)

Alright rock and rollers of this great big world – here is an album you may have missed when it was sprung upon the world at large late last year. The Hard Way is best known for their energetic live shows with wickedly rambunctious hard rock songs, kick ass musicians, and strippers known as The Hard Way Dancers strutting their stuff on opposite sides of the stage. The Los Angeles based outfit certainly know how to bring on the party, and have opened for some pretty hefty names at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. But there is another side to The Hard Way madness as well, clearly on display when naming their latest magnum opus Police Brutality. Expect the rip-roaring anthems about sex and music but also be ready for their comments on the hypocrisy of certain law enforcement officials as well. But most importantly, be ready and willing to rock, as the 10 anthems contained within will make you want to grab a beer and set the night on fire.

Police Brutality kicks off with the fully loaded refrains of Cum, quickly establishing the fact that is truly hard rock and roll with an attitude. I Can See You Lying is diabolically infectious – driven, funky, and absolutely in your freakin’ face! “We are the people and we got something to say,” front man Eric Jeffreys rages with conviction on the fiery We Are The 99 – a powerhouse cut ramming into the heart of the matter with The Hard Way clearly primed to start their own explosive insurrection.

Eric Jeffreys of The Hard Way

I’m A Broken Man, I’m A Hollow Shell” is the opening of the slamming All I Have, with spiraling guitar work and effective bluesy style vocals. Then it’s time for the massive title cut Police Brutality, where The Hard Way deal with weighty issues as only they can – and the results are monumentally epic! “Here comes the revolution!” Jeffreys announces midway with a thrilling sense of conviction followed by a thunderous guitar and rhythm section assault!

The second half of Police Brutality kicks off with Flesh & Blood – a power ballad unleashed The Hard Way style – definitely a knock out aimed straight for the heart. I Can’t Go Home is a crowd favorite now committed to disc, singing the rock and roll blues with a kickass sense of urgency.

Youth shows yet another side to The Hard Way experience, an acoustic based tapestry reflecting upon the passage of time. “Youth is wasted on the young” is the denouement that certainly leaves a lasting impression in the song. Then it’s back to the rage with It Ain’t Love followed by the rude, crude and lewd grand finale of Let It Rock – a double grand slam showing The Hard Way at the height of their auditory infamy.

The Hard Way possesses a first rate lineup who really know how to rock and roll your world. Vocalist Eric Jeffreys is your host with the most, bringing a sense of fun and ferocity to the proceedings – his wild and wonderful stage presence translates exceeding well onto this recording. Guitarists Joe Drock and John Huldt are complete masters at their craft, perfect co-conspirators who really know how the deliver the goods tenfold. And then we have a rhythm section that is legendary in every sense of the word – featuring Tim Luce (Alcatrazz, Michael Schenker) on bass and the one and only Bobby Rock (Lita Ford, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Hardline) on drums.

Born with a Parental Advisory sticker smacked across its hell-raising face, The Hard Way is here to tantalize your senses while making you think about the good times, the bad breaks, and the dirty thoughts we all deal with in this crazy ass situation we call life!

Upcoming The Hard Way shows at Whisky:
April 13th with Dokken
June 16th with Angel
July 13th with LA GUNS
Contact Eric Jeffreys for tickets!

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(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue)

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