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Paradise by Broadside (Victory Records)

Paradise by Broadside (Victory Records)

In 2015, Broadside was signed to Victory Records and would release their debut full length for the label entitled Old Bones. The pop punk collective would soon find themselves in a constant state of being in the road in support of their album – which would include an entire summer on the Vans Warped Tour 2016. And now in 2017, the Richmond, VA collective is ready to break it on out in a vast and epic way – especially if their latest magnum opus Paradise is indicative of greater glories ahead. Instead of encountering the infamous sophomore slump, Broadside has instead released a heartfelt collection of pop punk anthems destined that garner the band a good deal of attention. A stratospheric leap from their Old Bones effort, Paradise has Broadside unveiling songs that will surely leave a lasting impression on all who give a good listen. If you have yet to find your soundtrack for the summer, Paradise by Broadside just may be the ticket for your adventures as you approach a memorable season in the hot sun and beyond!

Paradise opens with the vibrant sounds of Hidden Colors, a true work of artistry that is as sweepingly romantic and is it inspirational. Up next is the superbly infectious yet cautiously optimistic title cut, as lead vocalist Ollie Baxxter observes “cuz life’s what happens when you’re too afraid to climb.” Lose Your Way continues the journey on the road to overcoming and claiming triumph over self-doubt and becoming the “master of your destiny.” Disconnect then envelopes the listener with its “when was the last time you felt alive?” state of mind. Laps Around A Picture Frame features guitarist Dorian Cooke on co-lead vocal, with both singers wondrously portraying two different people having the same mental breakdown. This is one of the most powerful moments on the album with its “the room as grown so cold” chorus ringing fervently into the urgency of the moment.

I’ve got bad jokes to pass the time,” singer Ollie Baxxter croons on the rollicking yet devastatingly reflective Who Cares. Then it’s a trip through the realm of Tunnel Vision with the Broadside crew, once again, showing a massive amount of depth with both their lyrics and towering choruses. Summer Stained is a wistful acoustic tune that reverberates into the heart of the matter with the vocals imploring, “Validate me. Can you save my life?Miss Imperius makes a visit with all the wickedly lucid ironies that the title of the song would suggest. Puzzle Pieces shows Broadside at their most impassioned followed by the ukulele tinged grand finale of the liberating I Love You I Love You It’s Disgusting.

2017 has been quite a year for pop punk so far with dynamic releases from new bands such as Waterparks, As It Is, and Grayscale gaining a good amount of momentum – and now Paradise places Broadside right into the heart of the genre renaissance. It will be exciting to see where this tremendously resourceful band on the rise goes from here. Broadside is brought to you with a good deal of passion and enthusiasm by Ollie Baxxter on lead vocals, Niles Gregory on guitar, Dorian Enrique Cooke on guitar, and Pat Diaz on bass. Check into the sonic entreaties of Paradise by Broadside and prepare to encounter a dazzling display of pure sonic pop rocking bliss.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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