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Taipan at Malones – Live Review and Photos

Taipan, Malones, June 10, 2017

Head banging, shredding guitars, crushing bass, chest thumbing drums along with bad ass vocals, put that all together and you have TAIPAN. The band has been around for 3 years and has achieved a good following of fans. If you are looking for a killer Thrash Metal collective to check out, this is the band.

TAIPAN will be headlining their first show in Costa Rica, sometime in November of 2017.  TAIPAN recently played at Malone’s,along with several other bands, and were all part of the LOUD show. So get off your asses and go check out some cool music and some bad ass bands.

Check out a live photo gallery of TAIPAN by Cruella Photography here!

TAIPAN on Facebook
Cruella Photography on Facebook

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