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New Politics at The Hollywood Palladium

New Politics, The Hollywood Palladium, August 19, 2017

A night with the legendary 311 is certainly an event to remember, with many a fan saying the LA-based collective presents the absolute best live shows in memory. This aspect was very much on display at The Hollywood Palladium on a Saturday night, where 311 performed a raging set to a completely sold out crowd. It can be difficult to find a band that matches the intensity and all out joy of a 311 extravaganza, but the up and coming New Politics were more than up to the challenge – and this dynamic three piece set the night on fire with an exhilarating show that had 311 devotees standing up and take note. New Politics had a good number of their own fans in attendance, judging by how many within the cavernous walls of The Hollywood Palladium were singing along.

The members of New PoliticsDavid Boyd [lead vocals], Søren Hansen [guitar/vocals] who came to Brooklyn via Denmark, and NY native Louis Vecchio [drums] – broke into the scene with their chart-topping commercial knockout, Harlem from their album A Bad Girl in Harlem, which landed on multiple trailers for the film Frozen as well as garnering placements for America’s Got Talent, Microsoft, and Taco Bell. Taking the stage just before the rock and roll breakfast hour of 8:00PM, New Politics opened with a powerhouse rendition of Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens), and the sweet rocking high energy emerging from the stage was enveloping the entire auditorium! The massively talented trio within the ranks of New Politics were genuinely excited to be on the road with 311, and even more thrilled to be performing their songs at the iconic Hollywood Palladium to such a wildly appreciative crowd!

David Boyd is such a fantastic showman, delivering the songs with a ton of passion and enthusiasm. Not only can he vocalize with a grand amount of expression and fire, but when he not bounding all over the stage gleefully, Boyd break-dances with a wondrously skilled precision. Guitarist Søren Hansen is a lot of fun to watch, all wide-eyed and ready to rock your world – filling the Palladium with a rapturous wall of sound.  During the song Just Like Me, Hansen tossed his guitar way up int the air, where it almost hit the high ceiling of the Palladium, while Boyd did a rip-roaring backflip from the drum riser. And speaker of persuasive presentation, drummer Louis Vecchio brings it all home with a stunning expertise, smiling and even standing at times enjoying the cheers of adoration from the audience.

New Politics has an upcoming album on the way entitled Lost In Translation, and new songs CIA and One Of Us received a glorious reaction from the audience.  The empowering tunes just kept sweeping off the stage and into the crowd, with selections such as Yeah Yeah Yeah and Fall Into These Arms thoroughly captivating the early arrivals. And the New Politics experience would end all too soon with the unveiling of their hit single Harlem. What a magical commencement from a band who may just be headlining The Hollywood Palladium on their own the next time they show up to enrapture the City of Angels. It would be 40 shows in all with the almighty 311, and with only two more to go after their Tinseltown experience, New Politics still possessed the energy and enthusiasm of a band just beginning a major cross country tour! Be sure to check into what New Politics has to offer as their live shows are an adventure not to be missed! Their new album Lost In Translation will be available October 6th from Warner Brothers Records!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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