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Hard To Kill by Heaven & Earth (Quarto Valley Records)

Hard To Kill by Heaven & Earth (Quarto Valley Records)

Hard To Kill by Heaven & Earth (Quarto Valley Records)

Hard To Kill is the fourth glorious magnum opus by Heaven & Earth, featuring 11 all-new rock and ragers destined to set the imagination in flight. Superbly intensive songs unveiled by the finest musicians in the business render this one an absolute standout.  A thrilling work of artistry guaranteed to captivate the senses of music aficionados all across the world, Hard To Kill by Heaven & Earth offers a sonic adventure that is thrilling to behold!

First up is the dazzling title track Hard To Kill, featuring a theme of perseverance that will make you wave your fist in the air and want to take on the world! Walk Away continues on with the dazzling auditory adventure followed by the mesmerizing bluesy infections of Till It’s Over.

The brilliant sounds of triumph and intrigue permeate throughout the entire recording, including vibrant highlights such as the rapturous power ballad Bleed Me Dry and the hard rocking determinations of The Game Has Changed. Beautiful Monsters roars with a ferocious passion and conviction while concluding track Bad Man presents an entire band at their most reflective and inspired.

The lineup found within Heaven & Earth is absolutely first rate, featuring career defining work from each and every member! Guitarist and founding member Stuart Smith is at the very height of his creative energies, and would certainly do his mentor Richie Blackmore proud with his wondrously impressive performances found within Hard To Kill. Joe Retta proves once again he remains one of the most underrated vocalists on the planet, unveiling the thrilling lyrical content with an all-out passion and conviction. Bassist Lynn Sorenson and keyboardist Ty Baillie perform with a sparkling vision and flair that is absolutely epic in scope. And then there’s the legendary Kenny Aronoff on drums, whose rock solid experience and massively skilled precision greatly enhance the Heaven & Earth experience.

The next grand and triumphant chapter for a band whose career has been nothing short of a revelation, Hard To Kill by Heaven & Earth is a captivating album that one will want to revisit time and again! Here’s hoping this compelling lineup finds time to tour in support of this breathtaking endeavor. Expect this one to show up in many of Top Ten listing when 2017 spins to its stormy and unpredictable conclusion.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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