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Transition State by OZ (AFM Records)

Transition State by OZ (AFM Records)

Transition State by OZ (AFM Records)

The almighty heavy metal assault force known as OZ from Sweden has roots dating as far back as the late 70’s, with their debut album Heavy Metal Heroes being unleashed in 1982 – and their last collection of new material Roll The Dice being released in 1991 via the legendary Black Mark Production. After a long period of silence, OZ would return to the scene of the crime in 2011 with the diabolic Burning Leather – which was mostly re-recordings of past songs.

And now in the year of 2017, founding member Mark Ruffneck has assembled an all-new lineup, presenting the next glorious chapter of the underground metal sensation known as OZ. Transition State is the name of their latest and greatest magnum opus, jammed pack with all new fist pumping high in the air, heavy metal entreaties!

From the kick off track Bone Crusher and on to the vibrant refrains of Heart Of The Beast, Transition State clearly shows a band more than ready to make an everlasting impression with a whole new generation of fans.  Heart Of A Beast is a classic heavy metal anthem while Drag You To Hell will have the listener banging their heads with fiendish glee. So many glorious highlights to be found within this victorious return, including The Witch, Never Close Your Eyes, and the absolutely triumphant We’ll Never Die!

And what a ferocious lineup OZ 2017 has presented upon the world at large, starting with longtime member Mark Ruffneck, whose intensive drummer possesses a dynamic amount of ferocity and skill. Fiery guitar interludes abound, brought to you courtesy of Johnny Gross and Juzzy Kangas. Bassist Peppy Peltola fires off a heavier than hell low-end. And then there’s Vince Kojvula, whose staggering lead vocals launch the OZ experience into the stratosphere!

With the unveiling of the powerhouse Transition State, the gripping legacy of OZ is destined to thrive and rage on for the epic metal ages ahead! A must have for metal fanatics all over the planet!  Here’s hoping we see the new lineup of OZ touring back here in the States soon!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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