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And It Was So! by The Adicts (Nuclear Blast Records)

And It Was So! by The Adicts (Nuclear Blast Records)

One of the long running and most wickedly entertaining punk rock collectives in the world, The Adicts from the UK are very well known for their A Clockwork Orange Droog attire as well as their savagely infectious anthems. And It Was So! is their 11th almighty magnum opus, presenting a band at the very height of their creative prowess.

From the vibrant refrains of their kick off single Picture The Scene which kicks off the album, The Adicts has you hooked for the even greater glories contained within the diabolic grooves of And It Was So! What commences next is a slamming one-two punch of Fucked Up World and Talking Shit, clearly demonstrating The Adicts remains as subversive and confrontational as ever.

And It Was So! is jammed packed with instant punk rock classics that will inspire rabid singalongs when performed live. The next songs If You Want It and Gospel According To Me are perfect examples of cuts destined to take off into the stratosphere when unleashed on the road. Gimme Something To Do permeates with a restless spirit that is brilliant to behold while Love Sick Baby is the fuzz-tastic track of the year for those absolutely starving for affection.

The title cut And It Was So! is a burst is energy slapped all across your face followed by the haunting inflections of Déjà vu. I Owe You then rocks your world with its raging “you’ve got the money and I’ve got the honey” lyrical inflections trapped within the confines of your feverish brain. Wanna Be is dripping with sarcastic wit complete with a soundtrack that will make you want to launch headfirst into the nearest slam pit. And then closing out And It Was So! is the superbly quirky tango-like You’ll Be The Death Of Me. A dozen songs in all, and not a clunker in the bunch render And It Was So! one of the most captivating and mind blowing punk rock extravaganzas of the year!

With roots dating back to 1975, in this present day, The Adicts deliver the punk rock goods in an epic way! Vocalist Monkey is one of the most recognizable figures within the genre, and his performance seethes with a cynicism and irony that sets the imagination in flight. Pete Dee unleashes wondrously atmospheric guitar work. Highko Strom also dazzled on guitar while Kid Dee pummels it all into oblivion behind the drum kit. And It Was So! is sure to inspire The Adicts tried and true fans as well as acquire the legendary punk outfit a massive amount of new converts in the process. Expect to spin this wildly addictive entreaty time and again as these songs are monstrously catchy!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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