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Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown by Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown (Snakefarm Records)

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown by Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown (Snakefarm Records)

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown by Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown (Snakefarm Records)

Have you heard of Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown yet? They’ve open for the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses and ZZ Top and continue to travel all around the planet Earth as you are now reading this review. Spinefarm Records even started a brand new imprint – Snakefarm Records – whose kickoff debut will be the Self-Titled recording of the one and only Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown.   Their Snakefarm debut is jammed packed with vibrant roots rock that all music fans will want to revisit time and again. Making their home in Nashville but ready to conquer the worldwide music arena in an epic way, expect Tyler Brant & the Shakedown to become a household name – especially if the 11 glorious tracks contained within their Self-Titled effort are indicative of massive glories ahead.

The whirlwind of an album commences with a sonic journey into the Heartland, instantly hooking in the listener with its fiercely infectious melodies and explosive vocals. Don’t Mind The Blood then slashes at the listener with fiendish glee followed by a visit to the “distorted mind” of Jealous Me. Backfire is a tight and tasty cut with its steely refrains and then it’s time for the swampy reverberations of Ramblin’ Bones.

Weak and Weepin’ is a ferociously hard rocking burst of energy that makes you want to pump that fist in the air. Manipulate Me is dark and ominous with its dire “taking my thoughts and turning them inside out” state of mind. Easy Target is a gripping rock and rage bullseye immediately followed up by the wistful Magnetic Field – both tracks showing just how wondrously effective Tyler Bryant can be whether singing a rip roaring rocker or sweeping ballad. Aftershock should be shaking and quaking all over the radio airwaves. And then closing out the Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown journey is the absolutely gorgeous Into The Black, leaving the listener on a sweet note of blissful serenity.

The stunning talent to be found within Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown features the participation of Caleb Crosby on drums, Graham Whitford on guitar, Noah Denney on bass and backing vocals, and of course namesake Tyler Bryant on guitar and vocals. Expect 2018 to be the breakthrough year when we see Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown headlining their very own shows! In the meantime, check into what this dynamic band has to offer and catch up with a fast-rising star brimming on that horizon of rock and roll greatness!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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