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Bite The Bullet EP by Vigil Of War (Self-released EP)

Bite The Bullet EP by Vigil Of War (Self-released EP)

Vigil Of War is a rock and roll band from the Los Angeles ready to break on through to the big leagues in nothing short of an epic way. Fronted by the vibrantly charismatic Alicia Vigil, the debut Vigil Of War manifesto is entitled Bite The Bullet, and it’s sure to enrapture all fans of hard rock laced with heavy doses of punk and metal. With deeply personal lyrics that exude a thrilling sense of perseverance, and melodies that are sure to rage within your head for ages, Bite The Bullet EP by Vigil Of War is the perfect sonic artillery that all adventurous music fans will want to revisit time and again.

Bite The Bullet kicks into supersonic gear with the triumphant refrains of Live Wire, demonstrating at one that Alicia Vigil and company mean serious business and will proceed to rock your world. “The city never sleeps at all, I’ll been through hell and back again,” muses Alicia Vigil on the exhilarating Shallow Grave  – the perfect anthem when facing adversity right in the eyes – whether personal or otherwise. Stitch Me Up is melodic and pensive, showing a band at their most lyrically reflective and musically ambitious. Then prepare for the all-out auditory battle of War Inside My Mind, delivered with a sense of ferocity by the almighty Vigil Of War. And closing out the EP is the first single and title track Bite The Bullet, an absolutely devastating track that should be slamming into radio airwaves all across the nation.

Photo Credit: Cindy Clark

Alicia Vigil unleashes a thrilling performance, singing with a dynamic amount of fervor and conviction, and also supplies a thunderous low end on bass. Vigil Of War co-conspirator Shane Taylor unleashes a fury of auditory intrigue on guitar, contributing massively to the Vigil Of War brigade. Tech credits are absolutely first rate, with Bite The Bullet being skillfully produced by Kevin Thrasher of Escape The Fate.

With a breathtaking introduction to the world at large such as Bite The Bullet, it will be exciting to see where Vigil Of War wages their sonic crusades in the future days ahead.  In the meantime, be sure to check into Bite The Bullet and catch Vigil Of War live as a participant in Fight Like A Girl Night at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on November 29th!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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