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Arnel Pineda at The Palace Theater

Arnel Pineda, The Palace Theater, December 3, 2017

Arnel Pineda arrived in Southern California on The Album AP Promo Tour, and would proceed to unveil the performance of a lifetime. Presented at the historic Palace Theater in Downtown Los Angeles by MCY Entertainment and Up North Entertainment, Arnel Pineda launched into an epic set of cover and original tunes that enraptured the capacity crowd. Best known as the singer of the legendary Journey since 2007, Arnel Pineda easily demonstrated why he was chosen to front of the world’s most iconic bands – and how he has delivered for the almighty Journey with triumph and grace.

Although no Journey selections were performed, many other glorious classics from the past were given the classic Arnel Pineda treatment. Infinitely above and beyond the concept of interpreting well known selections from the past within the confines of LaLa Land, world class performer Arnel Pineda embraced these timeless songs and sent them all into the rock and roll stratosphere with his mesmerizing vocals and exhilarating presence.

Opening with the dazzling refrains of Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas, Arnel Pineda and his absolutely first rate band instantly captivated the audience, prepping them for a magnum opus of a live presentation. Pineda and Company then proceeded to enchant the audience with a wide array of reinterpretations of songs such as Live And Let Die, Broken Wings, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

A terrific example of the sheer versatility of the Arnel Pineda concert experience was when the charismatic vocalist unleashed a playful rendition of the pop rocking classic My Sharona by The Knack and would then follow it up with a ragingly metallic interpretation of Highway Star by Deep Purple. Just for the record, Pineda can wail with the sheer intensity of a Rob Halford from Judas Priest when performing the heavier cuts. Included amongst the original material was the rocking Ewan Ko Ba from AP, Arnel Pineda’s recent solo endeavor – a song that should certainly be all over the worldwide radio airwaves played right next to any Journey hit song recording.

Arnel Pineda was all over The Palace Theater stage, inviting singalongs and delighting fans with his inspiring voice and superbly energetic performance. In addition to the magic and intrigue Pineda brought to the Palace auditorium, his band also radiated with their imaginative auditory entreaties. Participating within the ranks of the Arnel Pineda brigade were the vibrant talents of Butch Victoriano on lead and rhythm guitars, Wendell Garcia on drums, Perf De Castro on lead and rhythm guitar, Raffy Mendoza on keys, and Don Morales on bass. They all played over two hours, an extended high energy set that thoroughly rendered the night one of those occasions which inspire the memories of a lifetime.

From the Philippines, all across the great big world and into the arenas and halls of your town, Arnel Pineda is that one gifted performer whose sweeping voice will make you want to take on the world! Expect to see Arnel Pineda back on the road thrilling the masses with Journey in the New Year! In the meantime, discover Arnel Pineda’s own majestic compositions by checking into AP, now available from Imagen Records!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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